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Nam as per Religion of the Seeker

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Nam as per Religion of the Seeker

People of all religions came to Babaji and amazingly Babaji advised them to practice Nam Simran applicable to their own Religion- Ram to Hindus and Kalma to Muslims.

Paths (complete recitation) of Mother Bhagwat Gita and Holy Quran were distributed as prashad along with paths of Sri Guru Granth Sahib with equal veneration to the congregation on puranmashi.

What a uniquely harmonious and integrative approach. Adherents of all religions and faiths derived equal solace and enlightenment from Him.

Babaji was a model of perfection and excellence, harmony of all religious faiths and ideals and preached the unity of Godhood and of mankind.

Babaji never disturbed, shook or unsettled the existing faith of anyone who came to Him. He stirred and lifted the hearts of all in their own respective religious faiths. He always reinforced their faith on the paths they were already following.

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