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Well, I don't know if this has been posted before, but this is a question regarding jhoot. How do we know exactly if something is jhoota? Basically my example is, is air jhoota, because we all breathe and share it? Can dy foods not be jhoota? I just want a link maybe, or clearly defined set of rules, because I do not want to be following something just ritualistically.

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Sucham comes from practice. If we live clean, eat clean and think clean, only then can we understand the difference between what is jootha and what is not.

How can air be impure? It is the same air my Guru breathed. Wouldn't that make it pure if it can also be polluted by others? These are very feeble arguements, they do not make any sense to me.

Why look for particular rules when we have enough to follow first? It is a good thing not to do anything in a ritualistic manner and for the sake of it, but it the duty of a Sikh to first follow in humility that which has been taught and instructed by our Gurus and great GurSikhs. Later, we can refine where we feel the need for, but that stage usually comes much much later in life, once we have lived by the Rehat Maryada and disciplines of a Sikh.

Be blessed.



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