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A Question about Sau Sakhi

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The 32nd Saakhee of the 'Sau Saakhee'

Once, the Turks (Muslims) caught a Sikh and took him away with them. They circumcised ('sunnat') him, made him read 'Kalma' (a Muslim prayer). They did what their 'sharaah' (Muslim religious rules) says. They removed his hair. But, his mind was not moved. He started to recite 'Guru Guru'.

They made him eat the food and then freed him. At the time of 'Rahraas' (the Sikh evening-prayer), the Sikh bowed his head in the holy presence of Guru Jee and said, "O King! I am a Sikh. I fell unconscious in the battle. The Turks (Muslims) took me away with them and did what their 'Sharaah' say. Now, what should I do? Protect my 'Dharma' of the 'Sikhi'. Otherwise, I will burn myself on a pyre".

"How did they do their 'Sharaah'", Guru Jee asked.

The Sikh said, "they did my 'sunnat' (circumcised), compelled me to eat the food and cut my hair".

Guru Jee said, "Did you enjoy the company of Muslim woman?"

Sikh said, "No, I was saved by you".

Guru Jee said, "Distribute the 'Karhaah Prashaad' to the Sikhs. You are a pure Sikh. Guru has saved you".

The Hazoori Sikhs asked, "O King! How can one be a Muslim?"

Guru Jee said, "Enemies do the 'Sharaah' by force. No one becomes a Muslim by doing so. O Sikhs! When one does the adultery, (his/her) mind mixes up, only then one becomes a Muslim. The mind is the reason. Forcefully, the belief cannot be destroyed. My Sikh, who enjoys the sexual relations with a Muslim woman, is not my Sikh. If someone repents after having sexual relations with other's woman, he can be forgiven; but he, who has sexual relation with a Muslim woman, will never be forgiven".

The Sikhs said, "The Muslims copulate with Hindu women. If Sikhs get revenge, it is good".

Guru Jee said, "Sikh-brothers! We have to take this 'Panth' to the high position, not to lower position. We have not to imitate the wicked.

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Guest Javanmard

Well let's be precise: we are not talking about real relationships here but rape! Of course it is forbidden to rape women even those of the ennemy camp. Guru Gobind SIngh strictly forbade the Khalsa to rape Muslim women because we are supposed to be morally superior to the Mughals!

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I said what I said because there seems to be some major distinguishing being made between muslim women and all other women. Also I apologise for not reading the bit about Sikhs wanting to take revenge properly. And yes, I agree I think maybe the translation makes things sound in a different tone/inaccurate. Are the sau sakhi available anywhere on the internet?

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Some of the lines which come after the last line posted talks about the prophet of Islam, and what has happend to him. It continues on from where you stopped the book is in gurmukhi and i dont know how to quote it exactly, i dont have a scanner but i will try to post it as best as i can and give the source.

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