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Message from sant baba darshan singh ji, Dhaaki Sahib


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he Message of

Sant Baba Darshan Singh Ji Khalsa


World Peace Day

Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa , Waheguru Ji ki Fateh !

Today on 15th May 2004, we are celebrating the World Peace Day at Tapoban Dhakki Sahib with the blessings of God Almighty and for the welfare of people in India and all over the world. Man has made a tremendous progress in the modern world. He has been able to reach the moon. The work of months can be done within minutes. There are many facilities for physical comforts. Day by day, new researches are taking place. Life has become very fast. Despite all this, man has not been able to get the peace of mind which is necessary for his life.

There is a chaos all over the world. Minds of people are dissatisfied. A number of dangerous diseases have over taken the world. The rich people are suffering the most. Man has been craving for mental peace since the beginning of mankind. Great Rajas and Kings gave up their kingdoms and emperors to seek peace of mind. In fact, the peace of mind is the fundamental need of man. Without this peace, man has become very poor. The man who has achieved the peace of mind is the king of the world.

The question arises, how man can achieve the peace of mind? How can this burning planet become cool? How can man achieve happiness, peace and satisfaction? Why has the world become a burning sphere of hell? In fact, God Almighty has not done it. We have ourselves made our life a hell with our bad deeds. We have adopted a faulty life style and are possessed of greed, selfishness and have forgotten the Almighty Father.

Guru Ji had pointed out that the world is engrossed in sex, anger, greed, attachment, pride, hatred, jealousy. All human beings are burning in this fire. God alone can save them from this fire. Only the name of the Lord can provide relief to the suffering mankind today. The real peace of mind comes only through recitation of the word of God. The man who lacks the peace of mind always remains restless in the world. A man who achieves the peace of mind becomes calm and gets the blessings of the Lord.

We are living in a vast universe but the universe is also within us. Lord Krishna opened his mouth and showed the divine spectacle to his mother. We can feel the presence of entire universe in us, if we see within. We can feel the presence of God in ourselves if we try. God is the never ending source of peace. By seeking God we can get the real peace of mind. This peace of mind is the goal of every soul. Peace is of three types, i.e., peace of body, of mind, and of soul. The peace of body is always temporary. The peace of soul is eternal, and the peace of mind lies in between. Since our soul is away from the Divine Soul, it becomes restless. So long as the soul does not unite with the supreme soul, it will remain restless. Other kinds of peace are unreal and transients. Modern man seeks peace in drugs which leads him nowhere. Without seeking the refuge with the Lord, man cannot get real peace.

Everyman today is in search of peace. He can get this peace only by seeking union with the Lord. All human beings should know that we are the children of one Father. All human beings are alike. Let us give up narrow thoughts, artificial barriers and hateful attitude. We should work for the universal welfare. Each one of us must do his duty with utmost honesty. Everyone must remain away from drugs. All of us should come forward to help the destitutes. We must spread the ideals of spiritual education.

Wahguru, Rama Alla, and God are the name of same father. He does not differentiate between big or small, rich or poor, low caste or high caste people. He tells us to get out of superstitions or false beliefs and realize the beauty and diversity of nature. We should protect the plants, the trees, the flowers and the flora and fauna over the planet. All creatures including animals, birds and beasts have a right to live on the earth. We should not commit any cruelty on any living beings. All human beings should be considered equal. There should be same law for all. Repressions of man must come to an end. Corruption and other evil ways must be stopped and universal brotherhood should be established, so that the world peace can be assured all over the glob. We should not forget that everybody has a right to express his views freely and fearlessly. However, they should express these views with humility and decency. This world is the dwelling place of the true Lord. We should understand truth and practice truthful living in the world. Only the name of the lord can provide the true peace of mind to all and lead to world peace. Let us all work for universal peace and pray to the Lord to give peace to all human beings. He alone can bring peace to the burning planet. Let us pray to the Lord to bless mankind created by Him and instill love in every heart putting an end to hatred and jealousy. Let the Lord give happiness and peace to all living beings on the earth. We earnestly pray to the Lord to bless mankind with universal peace.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

International Shiromani Sant Khalsa Foundation

Gurudwara:Tapoban Dhakki Sahib, Maksudra, Ludhiana

Phone : 01628-276284, 276583,

E-mail: info@dhakkisahib.com Website: www.dhakkisahib.com

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