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A Cobra Serves...


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A Cobra Serves

For some years Guru Nanak Dev Ji at a young age went on working as a cattle-grazier. Every morning he drove his father's cattle into the forest to graze. At noon he used to drive them to a shady place. The cattle lay and rested under the shady trees. He sat on the grassy ground thinking of Waheguru. After a time, he laid himself on the soft, grassy ground and went to sleep.

One summer day a strange thing came to pass. He was asleep under a shady tree. The cattle were resting near him. After some time, the rays of the hot summer sun began to fall on his face. Soon, a large snake came out of its hole nearby. It was a cobra. A cobra is a very poisonous snake. Its bite kills a man at once. This cobras very big and black. It spread its hood. The hood was large and wide. How wide? It was more than thirty centimetres wide. It was a sort of small umbrella. The cobra placed its hood between the sun and Guru Nanak's face. The sun's rays fell on the cobra's hood. They no longer fell on Guru Nanak's face. He did not feel the heat. He remained sound asleep.

By chance, Rai Bular came that way. He was on horses back. He saw Guru Nanak Dev Ji lying on the grassy ground. Near him he saw a big black cobra with its large, wide hood. He was filled with fear. He thought, 'Perhaps the cobra has bitten and killed dear Nanak.' He went up quickly to the place. The cobra saw him coming. It folded its hood. It quickly ran away.

On going near, Rai Bular found that Guru Nanak was fast asleep. The sun's rays were falling upon his face. He was alive. The big, black cobra had not bitten him. It had placed its large wide hood between the hot summer sun ant the Guru's face. It had thus shaded his face from the sun.

It had done him no harm. It had done a service to him.

Rai Bular was filled with joy and wonder. He said to himself, 'Nanak is very dear to God. Therefor, He made the cobra shade his face from the hot sun. How wonderful!'

He got down from his horse. He woke up the sleeping lad. He bowed his head before him. He touched his feet. He took him up in his arms and kissed his forehead. From that day he began to hold Guru Nanak Dev Ji in great respect.

Waheguroo Ji Kaa Khalsa

Waheguroo Ji Kee Fateh!

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