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"Azad Sikh Riyasat Khalistan di Yatra"


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Got this post from another board i use.

Sajno. The following article titled "Azad Sikh Riyasat Khalistan di Yatra" by Syed Sibtul Hassan Zaigham has been published in Today's Daily 'Nawa-i-waqt', Lahore. The central issue raised in this article focuses on to 're-energize movement for 'Independent Sikh Homeland' through democratic means. It is in Shahmukhi script but I hope some 'Soojhwaans' from East panjab would like to critically analyze it. By the way, the daily Nawa-i-waqt is famous for its ultra-nationalist, anti-India stance and I doubt that it will genuinely favor any Independent Sikh (Panjbai)Homeland, but only to see India to be dismembered.


If anyone can read Urdu please give a general breakdown of the article. This is not the first time the Nawa-i-Waqt Group has either targeted Sikhs or used the name of Sikhs to further whatever it is they desire to give out to the Pakistani public and others who read this paper.

Here are two such articles i consider a put down and anti-Sikh: (God knows how many more there have been)

The Khalsa on Delhi Takht


Jat rulers and old pain


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