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Films about Sikhs now showing in london

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- P R E S S R E L E A S E | P R E S S R E L E A S E | P R E S S R E L E

A S E -


Films about Sikhs - A year long screenings of films made to ighlight

the issues relating to the Sikh struggle. Films from the BBC to independent film makers will be shown all over the country

and internationally - check the site to find out when it is coming to

your neighbourhood.

The second screenings takes place this month at Watermans London.

Watermans Arts Centre

40 High Street, Brentford TW8 ODS

Box Office 020 8232 1010



Sat 10th July 6pm


Sun 11th July 5.45pm


Mon 12th July 7pm


My Mother India

Dir: Safina Uberoi Australia 2002 52mins

Safina Uberoi’s acclaimed documentary tells the story of a

mixed marriage set against the tumultuous backdrop of

modern Indian history. The film focuses on her own peculiar

family: an Indian father who collects kitsch calendars, an

Australian mother who hangs her knickers out to dry in

front of the horrified Indian neighbours, a grandfather who

was a self-styled Guru and a fiercely man-hating

grandmother. What begins as a quirky and humorous

documentary about an eccentric, multicultural upbringing

unfolds into a complex commentary on the social, political

and religious events of the anti-Sikh riots of 1984 that

changed the destinies of the family.

’A very personal story about identity and belonging, My Mother

India is a fascinating insight into Indian culture…Safina Uberoi

shares her emotional journey of discovery in a humorous,

poignant and moving documentary’ – Urban Cinefile

Disappearances In


Dir: Ram Narayan Kumar &

Lorenze Skerjanz

A documentary film exploring the legacy of

human rights violations in Punjab

committed by Indian’s security forces, its

effects on the citizens of the state and its

role in sustaining unrest in Punjab.


Directors: John Das, T Tommy ommy Nagra

A two-part landmark documentary commissioned by the BBC

to mark the 300th Anniversary of the Khalsa. It paints a vivid

and compelling portrait of the Sikh community worldwide.

The series was filmed in India, the UK, Canada and the USA

and was over a year in the making. The first film looks at the

emergence of Sikhs in the 15th century, with its teachings of

justice, social harmony, peace and equality of all people,

regardless of religion, creed, race or gender. It traces how

Sikhism further developed in the face of persecution, culminating

in the founding of the Khalsa.

This part also looks at two of the Sikh community’s most

traumatic experiences of the 20th century - the Partition of the

Punjab in 1947, and the storming of The Golden Temple of

Amritsar at Mrs Gandhi’s behest in 1984 and the subsequent

mass killings of innocent Sikhs throughout India.

witness84.com ... witness84.com ... witness84.com ... witness84.com ...

witness84.com ... witness84.com ... witness84.com ... witness84.com ...

20 years after 1984, the truth is still not told,

justice has still not been delivered, minority rights are yet to be


Those that committed violent atrocities are walking free and have been



Witness84 launched on June 6th exactly 20 years after the events of

1984, - to

bring a new perspective and to bring new activities to the Sikh


through means of communication that can invite interest and enquiry.

The site

will be build over the course of the next few weeks. New sections, new


are being constructed, to provide a focal point and a central resource.

Join us to bring the events of 1984 to the world's attention and tell

us how

you wish to

contribute to the campaign - whether it is cash donations, stuffing


or undertaking

one of our research projects.



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