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Guru Manioo Granth Gurmat Camp!!!!!!


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Gurmat Camp!!!!

Location: Shromani Sikh Sangat Mississauga (Mississauga Gurdwara)

Date: August 8th -13th (Overnight Camp)

Ages: 10 and up (preferred)

Registration Fee: $50 (Covers all activity costs)

All Sangat is invited to attend a Gurmat Camp that is being held at Shromani Sikh Sangat Mississauga in celebration for the 400th Anniversary of the First Parkash of Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The camp will be filled with lectures, discussions and workshops alongside Kirtan, Tabla, and Gatka classes. Katha in English will also be provided on behalf of Bhai Amandeep Singh (Calgary) from the Panth Khalsa Study Center.

Sport events include; football, basketball, and soccer.

Recreation events include; Laser Tag, Mini Golf and Bowling.

Those interested in attending can register online @Online Registration (Remember to print out the completed registration form and bring it with your $50 to the camp)

Or register in person @ Mississauga Gurdwara Sahib.

This camp is also being dedicated to the memory of the late, Bhai Parminder Singh (Guru Nanak Academy Surrey) who helped in making the March Gurmat Camp held at Sri Guru Singh Sabha Malton a great success.

For more information you can contact,

Shromani Sikh Sangat Mississauga @ 905-828-2710

Email @ sewa@gursikhijeevan.com

Website @ http://www.gursikhijeevan.com


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