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BCSikhYouth.com is Open to the Sangat!


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Vaaheguroo jee kaa khaalsaa,

Vaaheguroo jee kee fatheh!


- is officially open to the sangat -

Saadh Sangat jee,

By the divine grace of Satguroo Jee,

Ardas was done and sevadars requested Guru Sahib to allow this very simple, small and low quality website to serve the panth if it's in Guru Sahib's hukam. The hukamnama that came is pasted below.

If it pleases you, the Saadh Sangat, please feel free to browse, use, and promote this website so that the Sikh youth of BC can be more Sikhi-inspired, Seva-minded, and Naam-focused.

The website needs a lot of updates and improvements and adjustments but those can only happen with your involvement.

Please fill out the forms, add the links, add the events, offer your seva, request sevadars, and e-mail us with your offers to help, your comments, concerns, suggestions and blessings ...

please forgive our mistakes,

-the Sikh Youth of BC





-- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

jYqsrI mhlw 4 Gru 2

jaithasaree mehalaa 4 ghar 2

Jaitsree, Fourth Mehl, Second House:

<> siqgur pRswid ]

ik oa(n)kaar sathigur prasaadh ||

One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

hir hir ismrhu Agm Apwrw ]

har har simarahu agam apaaraa ||

Remember in meditation the Lord, Har, Har, the unfathomable, infinite Lord.

ijsu ismrq duKu imtY hmwrw ]

jis simarath dhukh mittai hamaaraa ||

Remembering Him in meditation, pains are dispelled.

hir hir siqguru purKu imlwvhu guir imilAY suKu hoeI rwm ]1]

har har sathigur purakh milaavahu gur miliai sukh hoee raam ||1||

O Lord, Har, Har, lead me to meet the True Guru; meeting the Guru, I am at peace. ||1||

hir gux gwvhu mIq hmwry ]

har gun gaavahu meeth hamaarae ||

Sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, O my friend.

hir hir nwmu rKhu aur Dwry ]

har har naam rakhahu our dhhaarae ||

Cherish the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, in your heart.

hir hir AMimRq bcn suxwvhu gur imilAY prgtu hoeI rwm ]2]

har har a(n)mrith bachan sunaavahu gur miliai paragatt hoee raam ||2||

Read the Ambrosial Words of the Lord, Har, Har; meeting with the Guru, the Lord is revealed. ||2||

mDusUdn hir mwDo pRwnw ]

madhhusoodhan har maadhho praanaa ||

The Lord, the Slayer of demons, is my breath of life.

myrY min qin AMimRq mIT lgwnw ]

maerai man than a(n)mrith meet(h) lagaanaa ||

His Ambrosial Amrit is so sweet to my mind and body.

hir hir dieAw krhu guru mylhu purKu inrMjnu soeI rwm ]3]

har har dhaeiaa karahu gur maelahu purakh nira(n)jan soee raam ||3||

O Lord, Har, Har, have mercy upon me, and lead me to meet the Guru, the immaculate Primal Being. ||3||

hir hir nwmu sdw suKdwqw ]

har har naam sadhaa sukhadhaathaa ||

The Name of the Lord, Har, Har, is forever the Giver of peace.

hir kY rMig myrw mnu rwqw ]

har kai ra(n)g maeraa man raathaa ||

My mind is imbued with the Lord's Love.

hir hir mhw purKu guru mylhu gur nwnk nwim suKu hoeI rwm ]4]1]7]

har har mehaa purakh gur maelahu gur naanak naam sukh hoee raam ||4||1||7||

O Lord Har, Har, lead me to meet the Guru, the Greatest Being; through the Name of Guru Nanak, I have found peace. ||4||1||7||

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