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Asan Nu Maan Watna Da Review


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Alright, I just got caught up in the latest 'shiz nit' of Asaan Nu Maan Watna Da. I finally couldn't resist the "movie", so I went and got a copy on VHS. For a normal review, you'd find many paragraphs about the pros and cons of a movie..but this movie can be described in one word ..that is


I mean seriously ..they tell you not to critique if you can't do something better yourself..well, you might as well not do it if you don't know what the hell you doing.

The storyline of Asan Nu Maan Watna is way too fake, corny, stupid..and so forth. Most importantly, it still doesn't portray the average Punjabi family living abroad...

The movies just plain ol'...(ughh too many words)...I'll stop here!

P.S. I don't mean to be a hater, but just dropping off my honest opinions.. That's all.!

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Oh Pleaseee...

Here and there ..the messages..they were trying to convey got better..

The songs were not bad at all

But the movie it self..was seriously a piece ..of..Tuhanu pata hi hun!

Akhiyannn Ch Neendar, Neend Ch Sapna...Sapne Ch Vasdi Tu.....Tera Mera Ki Rishtaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

^^^^^^^PIMPED OUT SONG!!!!!!!!!!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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Lol....u finally got to see my mommy!!!!!

(btw we had to buy our own copy of the movie...and there's no like subtitles, couldn't even show my friends here....stupid ppl)

But i have to agree w rupy ji on this one as although my mom's in it... the story is a good story, but not well developed, i mean his love story wasn't supposed to be the focus, it was supposed to be on the whole how does ur family treat u when u go back... and it was soooo choppy.... could have been done sooo much better!

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I had subtitles on mine..but they are all f*cked up..I could have done better translation...LOL

Bibi Rupa, easy with swearing words yaar...ki gaal aaj kaal gussa bahut aunda lagda koiii garbar haie... i ll take your patta on msn..:D :D

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Yeah i agree it wasnt much of an interesting story. Well we did have some laughs all during the movie at Harbhajan Mann's hair cut. Dunno what the hell that was all about. He looked like a complete goof.

His appearance was much smarter in Jee Aayan Nu. We just couldnt help laughing at his face in this movie (not in a bad way).

Whatever though its good to see that there are still people out there who want to make Punjabi movies, and just as importantly, Punjabi movies have an audience.


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