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SOS/distress call to Brother Amritpal Singh Ji and Shaka n

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Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

Das begs the learned Sikhs like Brother Amrit Pal Singh Amrit and Sakya Nayrai among other Panthic Vidwaans(Wisepersons of Faith),To keep on visiting the sites like sgpc.net and www.sikhphilosophy.net.

especailly the links


here it seems that there is a match of slander between Sikhs and Brahmins or other hindus who are spoiling the meaning of Gurmat. Such blaming each other will lead us to nowhere but will rather cause social unrest. Sikhs who are just slandering Brahmin caste/race as such are not doing good,If they had to oppose they need to oppse idealoigy and not the group of people. Das wants you to put your views over there.

Das hopes that hindus or Brahmins may not understand your point of view there but perhaps Sikhs will understand and will use refrain from hating a whole caste all toghter. This will at least stop hate post towards Sikhs.


Likewise from link it appears that some misguided brother is trying to spread his faith after attacking our Faith. As das nature of job may going to be quite strict in future Das begs you all let flag of Sikhism flutter with due pride at all the sites like the one mentioned above.

Das seeks an aplogy if something wrong or hurting is written and seeks your guidence in future.

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I do not think the post by Veer 'Khatra' on the SGPC forum should be entertained. A healthy discussion cannot tolerate slandering language. However, the discussion on the SGPC forum is being discussed here now, I think we can discuss this matter here in a good manner.

The language used by Veer 'Khatra' Ji is not acceptable on any discussion forum. Unfortunately, the SGPC forum has no moderator, so such language is being used there. Being a biggest Sikh organization, the SGPC is known across the world. People visit its website to know about the Sikhism. When they read the discussions on its forum, they make their mind about the 'Sikh-scholars' participating in that forum. Because, the SGPC is the biggest Sikh organization, it is expected that there would be a big number of scholars on the SGPC forum. As we can see by ourselves, there are not many scholars on that forum. A question can be arisen in the minds of non-Sikh visitors of the SGPC forum, 'if there are Sikh scholars in this world, why are they not on the SGPC forum'?

Actually, there are many forums, which are purely biased. They give bad impression of Sikh ideology/history/tradition/people. In the crowd of such forums, www.sikhawareness.com is doing its best in the service of the Guru. On many occasion, its moderators have proved that they are unbiased honest people. They are responsible people. If any post/thread is removed/deleted, they give the reasons, if someone wants to know. On many forums, the moderators show as if they are the masters of Sikhism. On the other hand, the moderators of www.sikhawareness.com show that they are students of Sikhism. In such an atmosphere, I think Veer 'Khatra' will like to join this discussion right here on this forum. He is most welcome.

Let us now check the points raised by Veer 'Khatra' Ji on the SGPC forum: -

Because, according to Veer 'Khatra', the Brahmans worship more than one 'Isht', they are 'Veshyas' (prostitutes). Veer 'Khatra' tells that there are 33, 00, 00, 000 husbands (gods) of 'Brahman Kaum'.

It can be a view of any anti-Hindu. However, I never saw a Hindu, who worships 33, 00, 00, 000 gods. An anti-Sikh person can say that Sikhs have more than one Guru. Neither an anti-Sikh can understand that there is one 'Jyoti' in all the ten Gurus, nor an anti-Hindu can get an idea that there is one 'Jyoti' of the God in all the gods.

There is other side of this point. Not all the Brahmans worship gods. A study of Brahman books, like 'Upnishds', makes it clear that thousands years ago, there were Brahmans, who worshipped only the One God. Brahmgyani Sri Ashtavakra is a good example. If someone knows Sanskrit language, s/he should read wonderful 'Sri Ashtavakra Geeta'. Sri Ashtavakra Ji was a Brahman by caste.

The Brihdaaranyak-Upnishad was written thousands years ago. One should read it. Its study will open eyes. Read its chapter 1, 'Brahman' 4th, in which the Brahman says, "Yatha H Vai Bahav: Pshvo Manusham Bhunjyurevamekaik: Purusho devaanbhunktyeksimnnev Pashaavaadeeymaany Priyam Bhavatee Kimu Bahushu Tasmadeshaam Tann Priyam Yadetnmanushyaaviddu: 10".

A Brahman, in a Brahman book, writes the Sanskrit Saloka, quoted above.

Also, read the 'Bhashya' of Achaarya Shankar Ji on same 'Saloka'. Achaarya Shakar Ji was a Brahman by caste, who clearly says, "Brahmanaanaam Evaadhikaaro Vyutthaane". (See his comments on chapter 3, Brahman 5, page 719). It is obvious from this line that Shankar Ji was a hardliner Brahman. He says, "Tasmad-Brahmvido Brahmvidya Phalpraaptim Prati Kuryurev Vighnam Devaah, Prabhaav-vantshch Hi Te." (For more details, see his commentry on this Upnishad on page 269).

Thousands of years ago, Brahmans were saying that do not worship gods. If a part of Brahmans still worships the gods, so what? Many Sikhs can be seen worshiping the gods. So what?

It is just ignorance, if someone thinks that god Shiv (Shankra) belongs to only Brahman/Aryans.

Veer 'Khatra' talks about Gangu Brahman. He should read the old books like, 'Sri Gur Sobha', 'Gur Bilaas' (Kuyer Singh), 'Bansaavalinama', 'Mehma Prakaash' etc. Can he tell us why these old books do not tell about any Gangu Brahman? The writers of 'Sri Gur Sobha', 'Gur Bilaas' and 'Mehma Prakaash' were not Brahmans. How can Veer 'Khatra' abuse a whole group of people just because of Gangu Brahman, who was created later by some writers? Does Veer 'Khatra' think that any non-Brahman never did wrong to the Gurus?

Veer 'Khatra' Ji is wrong, when he used words, "Bai dhar de brahmin raje". They were not Brahmans, but Rajputs. Perhaps, he forgot, if he ever knew, that not all the Hindu Kings were against Guru Gobind Singh Ji. For example, the King of Basaali even helped the Guru, when Guru Ji was attacked.

Veer 'Khatra' wrote, "Kashmiri Pandat- Brahman- jina lai nauve patsah ne sahadat diti, bad vich guru gobind singh ji naal judh kite."

Kashmiri Pandits did not fight against Guru Gobind Singh Ji. The delegation of Kashmiri Pandits came to Guru Teg Bahadur Ji under the leadership of Pandit Kirpa Ram Ji Datt. Pandit Kirpa Ram Ji became Bhai Kirpa Singh Ji after taking the 'Amrit'. He got 'Shaheedi' in the battle of Sri Chamkaur Sahib (in the same battle, in which Baba Ajit Singh and Baba Jujhaar Singh Ji sacrificed their lives). Bhai Sanmukh Singh Ji, the real brother of Bhai Kirpa Singh Ji, also got 'Shaheedi' in same battlefield.

Veer 'Khatra' accused Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru also. However, it seems that Veer Ji forgot that millions of Hindus also accuse Pandit Nehru, because the Hindu nation could not come into existence because of his policies.

Veer 'Khatra' also accused Sardar Patel. I think Veer 'Khatra' should tell us what exactly was written in that circular. Then, we can decide if it was against only Sikh migrants or not.

Indira Gandhi was definitely wrong, when she decided for the 'Operation Blue Star'. However, can Veer 'Khatra' tell us who provided her the chance to do the 'Operation Blue Star'? Were all the soldiers, who took part in the operation, were non-Sikh?

Rajiv Gandhi was not a Brahman.

Please check the census data to know how many Brahmans/Hindus are there in Punjab and how many of them told that there mother tongue is Hindi?

Yes, Sudarshan is a Brahman. However, I never heard that he spoke against Sikhs or Sikhism.

He has not entered into Sikhism. If he does, I will appreciate him. Using slandering language on a forum does not harm the RSS.

It is not right to say that Veer 'Khatra' is not against Brahman caste, but an ideology. His posts make clear that he is speaking against a particular caste. He is not speaking against any ideology. Actually, it is hard to believe that he knows anything about the Brahman ideology. He did not say anything against any ideology. If he is against any ideology, he should tell what ideology he is speaking against. For this, he will have to quote to the original texts.

The post by Veer 'Khatra' Ji is just a show of hatred against a particular caste. The caste-based hatred is very common now a day in India. It is now spreading across the world. Mr. Nijjar's comments against 'Khatris' should be seen in same context.

The majority of the contributors of Sri Guru Granth Sahib are Brahmans. (At least 16 'Bhagats'/'Bhatts' are Brahmans). Khatris are on second number. How can a Sikh abuse all these saints? If anyone lies and spreads hatred cannot be a true Sikh. If evildoer Brahman is supposed to go to hell, same will happen to any non-Brahman evil-doer. 'Uthhe Amlaan Te Hone Ne Niberhe, Kise Na Teri Zaat Pucchni'.

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Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

Thanks brother,

May Akal bless you and let you keep on guiding us in future too.One thing das wants to tell you about Khatra like brothers. They do feel good for panth and are always ready to feel threathened by lots of our youngs becoming patits.

But they are under the influnece of two groups of missionaries.one relatewd to a Jatha(das will not name it but you are well aware),Who have made thier ritulism in Panth more rigid then Brahmins or hindus also.

Second are kala Afghana,Who by writing 'vipran ki reet ' has tryed to declare one of our Granth Dasham Guru Darbar as anti Sikh and a conspiracy of Brahmins.Both such grups are to be blamed but they blame a Brahmin caste(passing thier bucks).

Mr. Nijjar is a Christian missionarry who is trying to prove by (mis )interpreting scriptures that Hindus and Sikhs are castists and racial.He pretends to be Hindutva or Sikh(Nrirmala saint) person and put wrong theories(Das has close contact with both hindutva and Nirmalas).Then say they are part of religions mentioned,And only way out is to be chirstian.

Regrading respected K C Sudershan Ji,He is misunderstood but he needs to understand that Sikhism is spritual/theocratic system and not cultulral-nationalism like hindutva. But mark the word of das.Radicals like das or Bajrang dal are not satisfied with RSS.They have tryed to more to control us(Bajrang Dal) when BJP was in power. If they still do not leave nationalism and move more for hindu welfare. They may loose hindu support.

Das tenderrsan aplology if something wrong is said. And seek guidence from all in future.

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