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URGENT-GuruJi to be abused again!! SLOUGH, Baylis House

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Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is to be taken to Baylis House (Banqueting Suite), Stoke Poges Lane, Slough, Berkshire. SL1 3PB (http://www.baylishouse.co.uk/floor_plans_conf.htm)



Sunday 17 October 2004; in order to conduct a supposedly Sikh wedding ceremony.


It is not known where Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji's saroop is to come from. In the circumstances the only information available is that of the family – Harbhajan Singh, Heston, Middx and Mohinder Singh Syan, Southall, Middx. The home address and telephone number is known to us.


Enquiries have been made as to where Guruji saroop is to come from but no definite information is available yet.

The family have been contacted by telephone on three occasions from Thursday (7th Oct) through to Sunday (10th Oct) - the Hukamnama has been explained and alternative locations discussed. Harbhajan Singh has no regard for the respect of Guruji or the Hukamnama. The family is only concerned about the reception party; everything else is just a formality. Harbhajan Singh feels that he is not answerable to anyone and he has bought the right to abuse Guruji for the day. He has been continuously abusive over the phone.


1. Call Baylis House on 01753 555508, ask to speak to C.L. Bhalla (M.D) or Manager Vish Bhalla (vish@baylishouse.co.uk) and tell them that:

a) the wedding which is due to take place is very offensive to Sikhs and is being opposed by all the leading Sikh organisations in the UK (including the National Council of Gurdwaras);

B) that there will be a large protest on the day with the media being invited to attend as well;

c) that they should contact the Respect for Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji Campaign's Gurjeevan Singh on 07743-211135 if they wish to discuss this further.

2. Apply pressure on the local Gurdwaras’ in Slough to take an active role in stopping this abuse of Guruji. Sri Guru Singh Sabha (01753 531826) and Ramgarhia (01753 525458) have responded very poorly to this issue and are not willing to take any responsibility for resolving the situation. The 2 Slough Gurdwaras must take a lead in stopping acts of sacrilege against Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, particularly as they wish to open a Sikh school within the area

3. ABOVE ALL, organise tran sport from your local area for the Sangat to be present at Baylis House on the 17 October 2004 to STOP this act of abuse from taking place. Further details will be given shortly.

Sangat ji - we can stop this disrespect happening if we all work together. Other culprits, who continue to sell Guruji as a commodity, will be identified on the day. These culprits will be made responsible for their actions!

Stay Chardhi Kala!!



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