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Earth Cleansing


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Earth Cleansing

We have vilified the process of listening to our inner selves to the point that we've nearly become deaf. I am no different. I have to be shown the same thing a hundred times and a dozen different ways before I start to trust what I see. So I am writing this article to you based on something I've seen over and over and it has to do with earth cleansing.

This article requires a bit of background so I'd like to start with why we are here (which relates to the cleansing). We are here because we chose to be here. The lower astral planes are much harder to learn soul lessons due to their easy nature, and so we descend in order to accelerate our own ascension process. Only a few remember making this choice, but we all have.

We live on this thing called Earth and play out our remembering process in the vibrationally densest ways possible. Unbeknownst to most all of us, the earth (Gaia), in its own way, is a sentient being. Many cultures understand this, but few in ours do. This Being has allowed its use by mankind so that its inhabitants could maximize the accelerated experience available on the physical plane. This was not victimization, but an agreement at the highest level. We feel that we have wronged this planet, and on the surface we have, but we all chose our own experiences for maximum growth, and Gaia's choice is no different.

The earth is no different than our bodies. Through life experience, we absorb the energies around us. Because of human activity (generally quite coarse), the earth has absorbed this energy, and continues to do so at an increasing rate. This energy builds up in its aura just as our experiences build up in ours, and from the chakra articles, we know blocks and disease can occur from this. The agreement between the two (Gaia and Mankind) is that earth itself is entitled to its own ascension and cleansing process, regardless if we are ready or not as a race.

Because earth cleansings are caused by a build-up of negative energy, they can be triggered by a crescendo of events, such as a war. From what I saw, this cleansing follows a large war, possible WWIII.

Earth cleansings are a major event. Faults buckles, which triggers both tidal waves and volcanic eruptions along the Ring of Fire. The vibrations during this process in the subtle plane are horrendous. And while the destruction in earth's past was smaller and more localized due to population, this time, it is global. Previous localized destruction was caused by tens of thousands of humans, whereas billions will cause this global destruction. History is speckled with cleansing stories such as Atlantis, Sodom and Gomorrah, and the story of Noah's Ark.

Despite religious dogma, this is not punishment but Universal Law (or if you were a Christian, you would say, "God's law.") If we were meant to perish or ascend for all eternity during each cleansing, then all souls would already exist in "heaven or hell" from past cleansings, but the fact is, the cycle goes onward still. An example of this would be the cleansing that is rumored to have happened with Noah. "And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.... ~Genesis 6:13-14." This is a prime example of a negative build up of energies resulting in an earth cleansing.

I do not abide by fear. All that I have seen from fear is that it is the opposite of love. Man has interpreted the natural cleansing cycle of old to instill fear in his fellow man so that he can keep him under control. If it really was just Noah and a few relatives (minus the animals of course), then where do you think the current six billion plus souls came from? I guarantee you that many of the souls present now are the same souls from back then. We have the rest of eternity to remember our godliness and if we go astray, another chance is always presented, and of course, other cleansings.

The description I give is what I've seen. Additionally, I was told that immediately following the cleansing there would be 1,000 years of peace. This 1,000 year period of peace (or Judgment as most religions would term it) is also mentioned in the bible (..."and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years." Revelation 20:4.)

So what are you to do with this information? Well, whatever you like. Man's greatest tool has always been free will. Don't forget that this is just a probable future. If the masses were to suddenly decide that the current way of living was not acceptable, then the energies would change, and so would the outcome. Do I see this happening? No, I don't. But the choice always exists. Now, as far as what I'm doing personally, I will share that. I know I came here with purpose and because of my own choice. I can fritter away my time, or go inward and ask why. After having done so, I know that it is to accelerate my remembering process so that I can ascend to a higher plane.

This is first grade. We can disregard the information in first grade, and keep repeating it over and over again until we get it or we can learn (or remember) the necessary information, bless it for its immensely important lessons, and move on. Here we are to learn to love our fellow man, ourselves, and to cherish the gifts given to us (earth, and each other). If we can't do this collectively, then we can do it individually. We can learn to see through the illusion of ego, which causes all of our pain and keeps us from truly loving others and ourselves. We can work out our karmic debt and dissolve inner blocks that inhibit the witnessing of our spiritual greatness. There is much to do, if we chose.

As far as when this might happen. Does that matter? If you don't die from this, you'll die from something else. The point of this article isn't to hurry you through the process of awakening, but to remind you of your own decision to come here, and its purpose. Complacency happens to us all. We shouldn't require a terminal illness, or a collapsing world to remind us of this, but unfortunately, this is often the case for most of us.


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