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bhata lumbia tha rustha puhaar da


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wjkk wjkf

please help me find this track. it is the sakhi about mata gujri and the sahibzada's, i'm hoping i can dowload it online. my bibi used to play it on cassette all the time, but i imagine the recorder ate the tape. all i can remember is one line.

bhata lumbia tha rustha puhaar da.

"the journey is long and the path is mountainous"

i know my transliteration is awful, and my translation worse, but i hope someone out there recognises what i'm looking for. it is a beautiful track and i would love the chance to hear it again. my mind just keeps playing the line again and again. any information would be much appreciated. thank you.


wjkk wjkf

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I think its by Bhai Harjinder Singh jee Sri nagar walle, It used to be my favourite geet ages ago.

Vata lambiya te rasta pahar da

ture jande gura de lall jee

sarsa nadi te vichora pai giya

something somthind da sun lao hall jee

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you can hear the shabad at the above link. If you want a copy of it, letme know i will download it and then u can download it from me

The above link has i think the full cassette and your shabad starts at 9th minute :)

please note: these are DHARAMIK GEET and not shabads. Its not bani. These are geets composed by Bhai Maninder Singh Sri Nagar Wale.

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