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Candle Light Remembrance Vigil Pictures

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Vaheguru ji ka khalsa

Vaheguru ji ki fateh

The Candle Light Remembrance Vigil in Victoria Square,Birmingham City Centre was a great success with guru jis kirpa. The Sikh Youth of UK should be proud. The general awareness and feeling one got there was off a great spirit off belonging and togetherness with members off the public taking a keen interest.

Am sure everyone there felt the hurt and sorrow of those black days of nov 84. kids not even born at the time of the holocaust of 84 u could feel their sadness.

The British public showed great warmth to the Sikhs and took part in the prayer and the symbolic lighting of candles for those people suffering untold horrors across the world. Members of the public were shown a video documentary showing the true horror of the massacres. There was an exhibition regarding the Sikhs contribution to Britain in the 2 world wars and the horrors of 1984. One leaflet that caught the eye was off a pack of cards with jadish tytler as the ace off spades, the main culprit in the holocaust of 84, the massage was simple that this man is roaming around freely holding high office in the Indian government yet is responsible for the massacre off 20,000 Sikhs.

Well u can get a feel for the day by seeing the pictures of the event on


And click on the photo icon at the bottom of page

Well done to my bros and sistas




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Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Thanks for the update, I too attended this vigil. It was indeed educative for the wider public and brought Sikhs together specially the young ones.

I would like to suggest that this takes places every year, and people's comments and feelings are recorded.

Those who organised the event, Thanks and Well done!

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Yes i agree with harmless, I too attended similiar candle light vigil in toronto... it was really wicked.. but only 2000 people showed up out of toronto population 150,000...we need to held every heard... alsowe need to advertise this kinda events much before so lot of people knows about this kinda event.

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