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A Practical Guide to Vibrant Celestial Meditation

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One of the most significant attributes of meditation is that its practice enables us to utilize more of our minds. We usually use mainly our reasoning, logical, effort-orientated LEFT BRAIN with the RIGHT BRAIN, the Intuitive the more Creative aspect hardly pressed into service. Another name for VCM is Vibrant Charismatic Mind Integration, Mind Realisation or Rejuvenation. By this unique method we begin to use in a very effortless, spontaneous manner more of our dormant but potentially dynamic RIGHT BRAIN faculty, which unknown to many, comprises up to 93% of our total mind capacity! Hence the dramatic increase of intelligence, the IQ, of regular VCM practitioners.

Enumerated below are practical guidelines that enable an aspirant to undertake the meaningful meditation of a type that bears testimony to prolific references to it, as enshrined in the sanctified Scriptures of all the world's Religions. Take note that true Meditation can be taken as the most profound form of worship enjoined by God on man. Hence, its correct technique must be found entered in the Holy Books of all Religions, which indeed is the case, but, alas not brought to the fore by the custodians of our various Faiths. Short Scriptural excerpts of this Theological technique are entered below where applicable.


My own research into Religion has shown that the technique to have the stamp of the Divine, must fulfill certain basic criteria. We have devised the following catch-words and phrases to define the process and its flow. For it to be genuine and efficacious the technique of worship/meditation must also follow somewhat the sequential order given below.

It has to be,

(i) SIMPLE and straightforward.

"Kalyug Nanak Naam sokhala"

(ii) NATURAL, Inherent, Instinctive,

".. Kudrad laagei sahej dhiaan"

(iii) EFFORTLESS, Easy-flowing,

Neryataan, Apnei aap (iv) LOVING, LOVEFUL. If you are harboring any hates or hurts, clear your heart of all rancor and hatred. Forgive and forget.


(v) SPONTANEOUS, Involuntary, Intuitive, Automatic, Sahej subhaaeh, Achenth... and carried out in total and utter state of,

(vi) DEEP SUBMISSION, SELF SURRENDER and total Vacuity to the Divine within (Sarnagat), whereupon must arise the,

(vii) DWELLING OF GRACE, as a Gift from God Almighty - Gurprasaad, Mehar - resulting in an

(viii) AROUSAL or VIBRATION, which could also be termed as an Awakening, an Animation, Euphoria, Exaltation, or an experience of Ecstasy and Rapture - Rengan, Hakikat, Wismaath. This constitute the essence and the main body of the Worship/ Meditation actuated by the Divine within, resulting in time with,

(ix) TRANSCENDENCE, SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS, TURIYA (Chautha Padh) leading to CONSUMMATION, culminating in completion followed by,


Any type of worthwhile Worship/Meditation, all aspects of which do not conform or tally, with every one of the first 8 criteria listed above, is not of God but usually devised by man's own thinking and conjecture. If it is claimed to be received on high from the revelations of an Ascended Master, Archangel or a Mahanta, etc., but still does not conform to the 9 criteria enumerated above, then that "revelation" is not from the highest Godly Source, although it may be couched in all manner of other useful and even noble forebodings. Such man-devised systems or those emanating from Angelic or Deity sources may also bring to you certain benefits. You have to make your choice, whether you want to imbibe the fullest range of benefits or are satisfied with the extent of 'benefits' you are now receiving.

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