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Photos from Gyaani Amolak Singh Ji's Funeral, a legend...


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taken from sikhsangat forum


What amazed me most about the funeral today at Guru Nanak Nishkam Sevak Jatha Gurdwara in Soho Road, Birmingham was the attention to detail. You could almost call it near perfection. Clockwork. For the funeral of Gyaani Amolak Singh was just... amazing.

The atmosphere was buzzing. The light from Gyaani Ji still continues to shine... the glow around the coffin where his body lay was unbelievably rare and beautiful. The keertan... wasnt sung by keertani at all. It was clearly a much MUCH more powerful Source who done kirpa that the keertan was perfect. I cant describe it to you in words... but maybe the tears that rolled down my cheek and down the cheek of many will give you a rough idea.

Gyaani Amolak Singh... saints like you dont die at all... you live forever. Vaheguroo...

For those unfortunate ones who were unable to attend this beautiful event, you can view photos by going to http://www.sikhifm.net/PHOTOS/2004/gyaaniamolaksinghfuneral/

PLEASE NOTE: These images may upset or disturb some so cautionate viewing is advised. The body of the Gyaani Jee may have gone, but the spirit will always remain with us.

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