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Handwriting of Siri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj.


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The handwriting of Guru Gobind Singh Ji (http://www.info-sikh.com)

Guru Gobind Singh Ji like his grandfather Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji led a princely life. Guru Sahib Ji used to hold court, sit on a throne and wear a crest on his head like a king. He used to carry a white falcon, ride a swift horse and used to go hunting like a king. Every word from his mouth was an order for his Sikhs. Bhai Sukha Singh writes in his Gur Bilas Patshahi Daswin : Guru Ji wore costly dress and valuable ornaments on his body. The sword hung from his left hand side… There was a shining girdle around his waist…A studded crest was worn on his head…In his hand he had a bow and in the other an arrow. In this way the Gracious Lord came on the throne, and like kings he had resident poets at his court.

Guru Sahib Ji was a great general and commander of his forces. He fixed a special uniform for his army , on account of which even a single Sikh could be recognised among thousands of people. In Prachin Panth Parkash Bhangoo Rattan Singh writes “the True Guru gave arms to his Khalsa along with various types of dress. Guru Ji would sit in the centre on a throne and around him the Singhs would stand completely armed. On his orders the Singhs would march, run or stand.”

The spirit of the First Guru manifest itself in the tenth Guru, who being One with the omnipotent Lord, was the master of all powers. But having been embodied as a human being he had to face many obstacles. One poet writes :

Then the Guru stretched his bow and all the mountains trembled. There were supplications,

“ O King Guru, Protect us, Protect us!…”

Then the Guru Said “ I would destroy the whole world with one arrow, but I am embodied as a human being. I shall act accordingly.”

Guru Sahib Ji preached equality of all humanity. None can be lowly because of caste or birth.

The temple and the mosque are the same.

The worship (of the Hindu) and the prayer (of the Muslim) are the same.

Though seemingly diverse, the human being is the same everywhere.

The Gods, the Demons, the Yakshas , the Gandharvas, the Turks and the Hindus,

All are manifestations according to the nature of various countries.

The same eyes, same ears, the same body, the same nature.

There is the same combination of earth, air, fire and water.

Just as God and Guru are one, likewise the Guru and the Sikh are one. When the Sikh, following the discipline enunciated by the Guru, becomes pure, he attains attunement with the Guru. This is the reason, that the Guru is within the Khalsa and the Khalsa is within the Guru. The Guru belongs to God, therefore the Khalsa belongs to God. The victory of the Khalsa is the victory of the Guru and God, therefore it is said “Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh.”

Guru Gobind Singh Ji's hukamnama


Guru Gobind Singh Ji's signature


Guru Gobind Singh Ji's handwriting


Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji's handwriting.


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