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waheguru ji ka khalsa

waheguru ji ki fateh.

On the day of Gobind Rai's birth, Bhikan Shah, a Muslim Pir who lived in the Punjab, did a very curious thing. He bowed to the east instead of to the west towards Mecca. His followers were shocked and asked him why he was doing this. He replied, "On this day, a beloved of God has been born who will be both a saint and a hero." He vowed to go worship the new-born saint, and would perform a daily fast until he saw him. He made the very long journey to Patna and arrived there exhausted and weak with hunger. When he came to the Guru's house, he asked to see the child. The Guru's mother and grandmother were cautious and sent word to the Pir that he should come back in three months. He said he would sit, fast, and wait. After two days, he was still there. Finally, Mata Gujari was moved by his devotion and allowed him to come in and present his offerings. The Pir brought in his presents and bowed low to the little child. Then he did a very strange thing. He put two identical covered pots in front of the boy, and sat back and waited. The child looked into the Pir's eyes, smiled, and touched both of the pots. The Pir smiled back at him and prepared to leave. When the Sikhs and his followers asked him what he meant by this, he replied, "In one pot were sweets made by a Hindu sweetmaker, and in the other pot by a Muslim sweetmaker. By putting his hands on both pots, the Guru will give equal respect to both Hindus and Muslims, and will include both in his new religion." So saying, he blessed the child and returned home, remaining a steadfast supporter of the Guru his entire life.

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