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Honest Living

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I like diz one :D

Honest Living

Once on his journeys, Nanak happened to come to a large city. He was a little tired and decide to spend a few days there. A poor carpenter, Lalo who was known to be good and kind, asked Nanak to stay with him. A few days later a very wealthy man, Malik Bhago, who belonged to the highest Hindu caste, gave an enormous feast and invited Nanak to be his guest. It was considered a great honour to be asked to dine with a man as rich and powerful to Malik Bhago. Over a hundred people went to the feast. But Nanak did not go. Malik Bhago noticed Nanak's absence and went to see him the next day. "You eat the coarse bread of a poor, low-caste carpenter," he said, "and yet you insult me by refusing to come to my feast. However I have brought some specially prepared cake for you."

Nanak did not reply. He took the cake from the man. He asked the poor carpenter to bring him some bread from the kitchen. Then he held the rich man's specially prepared cake in one hand, and the poor, low-caste carpenter's bread in the other, and squeezed them. From Lalo's bread flowed milk and from Malik Bhago's cake there poured a stream of blood. Malik Bhago looked horrified. "Why is there blood coming from my cake and milk from Lalo's coarse bread?" he asked.

"Lalo's bread was earned by honest hard work. But your cake and the riches you have collected have all been gained by robbing and cheating the poor," Nanak replied.

Malik Bhago admitted that Nanak had spoken justly. He felt ashamed of his evil deeds. Thus Nanak changed yet another man from his sinful ways to a life devoted to helping the poor and needy.


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