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Sant Isher Singh Ji Rara Sahib Kirpa on Muslim Inspector...!


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Source: Nuo Ratan page- 244

Ek Muslim Sayad Inspector da udhar

It was summer days of 1937, Sant ji maharaj was in bhora. Once Muslim inspector who was very liberated and was in company of fakir saints. He was also from then lineage of baba bulleh shah came to rara sahib with his companions to do darshan of sant maharaj ji and get blessed. He said, if i don't get chance to meet baba isher singh ji then we will have something to eat. He came to dera and requested baba kishan singh ji (chotee maharaj) to have darshan of vaidaie mahapursh (sant baba isher singh ji). Sant maharaj would rarely come out and give darshan. So, inspector was very fortunate that he was able to see maharaj ji.

The muslim inspector was used to seeing great personalities and people with charisma, but he was awestruck with the majestic presence of Sant baba Isher Singh Maharaj ji.

Sant maharaj ji broke the silence and requested humbly, for the inspector to sit close to him. The inspector pleaded to maharaj ji to give him a blessing and boon through his precious saintly words. Sant Maharaj Ji replied, by saying with the great fortune and great sacrifice and commitment one becomes an saint and I am not a saint but mere student of God.

Muslim inspector, said the beauty of hazrat guru Nanak religion is that, it looks at everyone equally, judges them based on actions (karni)...This is something I find very liberating.

He asked, is there any way that one can experience the light of god as per Guru Nanak Dev Ji?

Sant maharaj ji smiled and asked heartily, whether the inspector actually wants to dive in and experienced God or does he just want to ask deep questions???

The inspector deliberated over the question and said with conviction, “I want to realize God and all the rest in in Allah’s hand and your blessing. Inspector further said , that lot of that depends on direction of one’s mind and quote baba bulleh shah ji

“Bulleh Rab Da Ki Poana, Edharo Patna taie Udhar Launa”.

Sant maharaj ji said, you will have to walk in footsteps of baba bulleh shah and sarmad fakir in order to build that vision.

Inspector then asked, what is the sacrifice that I must make to attain that state?

Sant Maharaj ji says, I can teach you a way but I want to be sure that it doesn’t conflict with your religious laws.

Sant maharaj ji then put his hand on his forehead and blessed him by opening his trikurti (3rd eye) and told him to focus on the sound (Naad). Sant maharaj ji said, stead fast on Allah, and continue to do this and you will see many miracles and spheres. These things aren’t spoken about but they are best experienced.

Inspector further asked, whether he could recite “Bismallah” instead of “Vahiguroo” .Maharaj ji, confirmed the inspector query by saying that the technique is the same , use any mantra and you will attain that state of bliss. Inspector, closed his eyes and meditated for 2 1/2 minutes and then exclaimed, the praises in the name of maharaj ji. He went back to the state of meditative bliss for hours on end and until his friend woke him up to remind his wordly duties.

He continued to come back to rara sahib and said to sardar gyan singh that, he is now murid of baba isher singh ji and when he found out that , sardar gyan singh became amritdhari from sant baba isher singh ji in form of panj pyares..he would call sardar gyan singh ji as "pir bhai/gur bhai" and he would tell everybody that his murshid has created another miracle (sardar gyan). He would proudly say, that sant maharaj gave me spiritual tonic(medicine)..its effect is soo much that he can't get out of spiritual intoxication (Eh Gal Bari Mann Naal Har Kissaie Nauo Dasda si ki murshid neh ik assi boti gul paliei hai kai aus da nasha kaddaie utaar dai hii nahi sakda.This miracle was extremely intoxicated . Muslim inspector kept coming to the darbar until 1947.

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