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Vaheguru je ka khalsa, Vaheguru je ke fateh

guru je is soooo beautful

why have we forgotten him?

wa could possibly be better than guru je?

how KIND is guru je? Do we even have an idea?

No we do not have an iota of an idea of their love and forgivneess!

IT was THEIR love AND KIRPA you are reading this now and breathing

IT IS THEIR LOVE FOR YOU! guru je loved you

he has infinnite love for you

thas why he has given you a chance to reach him and get pure anand

he helps you even without looking at your sins

WHo gives you Air? WHo gives you breath? Who gives you food? who gives you clothes? Who gave you that job?ONLY GURU JE DID!!! HE did NOT look at your horrible sins when doing so. All Baba nanak did was look at YOU! HE loves you. Even if i had 10 000 human lifes, and i did not need to eat or drink, and could live off of air, even then i could NOT EVEN SAY 1 % of ure GUNS( praises). HOW can anyone? NO one can. You have SOOOO much kirpa on papees like me. YOu belss us with amrit, and bhagti, only so we may reach you and get tru hapiness, and get param pad, the highest level. YOu came in satguru avtaar to rescue us. YOU heard our prayers when the world cryed for a savior. BABA NANAK CAME! God heard our prayers! HE loved you so he came for you. FOR YOU! GURU GOBINF SINGH JE GAVE HIS FAMILY FOR YOU! GUru je gave his mansions, money, ALL SO HIS PANTH KHALSA COULD LIVE. GURU JE GAVE US A WAY TO MEET VAHGRUU, HE DOES NOT NEED TO GIVE IT TO YOU, HE GIVES IT TO YOU OUT OF PYAAR FOR YOU, HE LLOOVES YOU, THAT IS Y HE GIVES IT TO YOU! HE DOES NOT NEED YOUR WIRSHIP, BUT HE BLESSED YOU WITH IT SO YOU TOO MAY GAIN SPREME STATUS AND HAPINESS! WAT BETTER GURU CAN THEIR BE! IS THEIR ANYONE BETTER THAN VAHEGURU!! no

guru je is like the lighthouse in the midst of a foggy storm

he saves you from the trwachours shores and jagged rocks of kaljug and guides you with love to him and hapiness, and he gains nothing out of this. He does it out of love, for you, his children. Guru je is the one who loves you and helps, when no one else can. Guru je is our freind in time when we have no freinds. GURU GRANTH SAHIB je comes to your house in hapiness and in sadness. GURU JE doesnt not care about your living conditions, he will go to the poor and rich! he will help all, regardless of caste, creed, or religon! Guru je does not discrimnate, only love and guides. WHy do we forget such as guru je! Y!! how can u forget the one who saved you in ure mothers womb? He loved you there, and he loves you here, he blessed you with each saas, breath, you take!! guru je loves you with all his heart likw no one else can! Guru je in a second forgives your gravest sins, even though you might take years to go to guru je, he forgives you in a second and loves you always. rmeber him with EACH BREATH, for he is the one who gives it to you.

guru nanak dev je came into this world FOR YOU

no matter wat y do u can never repay them

But, all guru jewants is for you to be happy

HOw can you be happy?

By following, living, and practicing the truth

wat is the TRUTH?

the truth is the marag of guru nanank dev je, as shwon by our 10 pathshahs, and is in and presrved in dhan dhan sri guru granth sahib je maharaj

so lets foloow this truth

for it is the complete truth

this marag of bhagti and worshipiing vaheguru is beautful

rmebeer guru nanak dev je who loves you no matter wat

remeber them

vaheguru vaheguru vaheguru vaheguru vaheguru vaheguru


then you will se guru nanak dev je, and it will be like the darkeness is gone,a nd the sun has risen risen for the first time

and you feel the brautful heat of the sun, and you see it lights up everything, and this how guru jes darshan is

nothing can describe it, just as a gunga, persona who cannot talk, cannot describe to u the taste of a sweet

he can only smile

guru jes darshan can not be explained

onyl experenced


bhula chuka maf

Vaheguru je ka khalsa, Vaheguru je ke fateh

this is originally from sikhsangat.com posted by a veer je named gupt daaasan daas

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