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y are u here

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Vaheguru je ka khalsa, Vaheguru je ke fateh

wat are u doing

y are u here

wat is the purpose of life

iis it to fight over things sich as forum breaks

is it to fight with our brothers on arguments llike raag maala

is it to put others down by insluting their jathas

is to argue a rgue and then one day DIE?


we forget with each breath death takes a step forward

by the time u are done reading who knows if u wil be dead or not, who knows how much time u will have left???


guru je does, but u dont

nothing will go withus

in hard times, we think of harsh things

in hard times, we say harsh things and have fights

will these fights go with us?no

will these forums go with us?no

will our freinds, family, money, go with us? no

so wat will? guru jes naam and the bhagti he gave us

only that will help us there

do u think we will rmeber these fights? no

do ut hink we will remeber all these things we do? no

nothing, so y not have pyaar?

y not see everyone as guru je as bhai kineya je did?

guru je forgives u for or worst sins, yet we cannot forgive others for their mistakes, or wat we think is mistake?

no person is bad, only the sin itself is bad

how can anyone be bad, if all come from u o vaheguru?

all his hukam, just go along with it, and remain in reight, do ure duties as khalsa, and do ure bhagti


thas is the great question

Y are we here, for wat

because vaheguru wishes it

he has given u an oppirtunity for enlighntenment and tru anand


stope wasting ure life in petty things

petty diffrences

petty jatha fights

petty fights

petty family fueds

things that have no meaning

where has the pyaar gone?

we except guru je to forgive us, adn we forgive n o one?

we except guru je to love us, but we love nly ourselves?

is this fair?

as baba jesus said do to others as u would to unto youselves

do to others as you would do to yourself

altough i am not his chela, watt wise words which hild great truth

guru je loves u, forgives u,y do u not do the same to others?

how do u know the next person u fight might not be guru je in disguise testing u?

isnt guru je in all

as bhagat fareed je says, all human hearts are like jewels. Never hurt one if u wish to see ure beloved

y heart something god created over little things

int hegrand scheme thy are little

the grand scheme is ALL about god


its all about vaheguru je

gobind, vaheguru, alah, raam


thas yy were here

vaheguru je wants us here

he gives us a perfexct chance to meet him

only in this joon will u meet ure beloved

u will not meet him the joon of even devtai, such as hanuman, raam, krishana, even they beg for this joon

u will not meet him in jamdoot joon

u will not meet him in bhoot joon

hwo do u meet him

by living in truth

that doesnt mean u dont tell les

u LIVE the truth

wat is the truth


is the truth

guru nanank dev je is guru granth sahib je

guru granth sahib je is guru nanak dev je

no diffrence


guru je sites there, WE CANNOT SEEE

learn to see

open ure eyes to the truth, and expreince life as u never have before

fulfill ure purpose here, and as sant ishar singh je said, awaken, you are the children of the almight, a unique manisfitation of natures power, like a tree in a seed

so rise, and wake up


u have the power, this man can wake

if guru je has dya

beg guru je for kirpa

take one step tp guru je and they will ake thousands to u

just one

forget petty stuff, forget fights, concentrate on ure beloved vaheguru je

that, is the purpose of life


bhula chuka maf

Vaheguru je ka khalsa, Vaheguru je ke fateh

also fro ss, by gupt daasan das

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