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a stroy of a litle kid

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Vaheguru je ka khalsa, Vaheguru je ke fateh

heres a story of a singh

There is a singh, born in a family of monai, no one but his baba is gurmukh

ONe night when staring at his roof, he thinks, i wanna take amrit

Guru je has kirpa on this kid, and decided to go and take amrit

This kid practices for one year, his reight, thn finally takes it

the day he took it was like no other. It was amazing. THe amrit was powerful, he could feel it in him, the power of amrit that is

vaheguru jeee

he was very chardi kala for one month or so

did MAD bhagti in this time, most kids even khalsai wearing bana wudnt do this much as this kid did, even though its all guru de dya

but people like you and me do not know the powers of maya

maya is not a little thing

it is VERY powerful, can even almost kill you

it can come in the shape of a snake, to take you away from yourt bhagti, or was a attractive women, anything, as mansions, u never know

maya is anything that takes u from god, thas wat maya does it takes you away from your beloved satguru nanak dev je

This kid was ENGULFED in each of the 5 vikaars and thought he was all that bcause other singhs thouight he was CHARDI KALA because he had lots of gian

but this kid was NOT chardi kala, ingulfed in kaaam, kride, lobg, moh, hankaar and showed of from the OUTSIDE and forget all deviotoanl prema bhagti

this guy was drowning in kaljugs waves

Then one day

like when you see a lighthouse in the midst of a stornm and fog, guru je came to him, and it was like this singh could finally see a way out'

he saw guru je as the light, and maya was the fog

guru jes light broke through the fog of maya, nad rescued and guided this singh

it wa throught guru jes dya he was saved

now he does a lot of bhagti again, through guru jes dya

he doesnt wanna go into detail on how he was caught in mayas net, and how exactly guru je saved him, and how beautful it wa, he wusnt even tell me!

but he said he wud write a book when he is a older on his happenings to inspire others

i psted this stroy hoping we wud drop out petty fightsd and becoome one panth trying to meet vaheguru

tgas y u are here

meet him WHILE YOU CAN!

bhula chuka maf

Vaheguru je ka khalsa, Vaheguru je ke fateh

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