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Sahib Karam Singh Ji meetin with Aya Singh in previous life.


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Sant baba Karam Singh Ji encounter with Sant baba Aya Singh Ji in previous life.

Baba Karam Singh Ji Hoti Mardan & Baba Lal Singh(sevak of baba karam singh) was in british army. British had a regiment full of Sikhs. After british won a battle, Sikhs in the regiment were told that you have 24 hr .. you can loot as much "money" as possible in delhi. Baba Karam Singh Ji and Baba Lal Singh was strictly against this idea. And They were protecting the innocent civilians in delhi from this loot.

While Sant baba karam singh and baba lal singh ji were walking down and encounter an house burning and they quickly went inside and found a very old sadhu who couldn't move. Baba Ji and his sevak quickly brought this old sadhu outside. After very intense seva of this old sadhu. Old sadhu finally spoke and said "I am very happy with your seva"..and you will reach high enlightment and further said, I ll come to you next life and serve you as my murshid. When he said, that he realsed his pryaan from dasam dwara and left the body.

After 4 yrs these couples were not having kids...so they went to hoti mardan to get blessing of baba karam singh ji with an desire that if kid was born. He will bring and give the kid to hoti mardan and family will stay and serve him...family went to baba ji and Baba Ji gave blessing with "puttar di daat".

After a year or so. Kid was born. Family has forgotten to gave the kid to Sant baba karam singh ji

As Gurbani says- Dat Pyari, Visraey Datara ||

When the kid was 5 yrs old and he was sick and then the family finally bought kid to Baba Ji because they remember that they have forgotten the promise of gaving kid to Sahib baba Karam Singh Ji. Family came in Baba Ji Room. Baba Ji, picked up the 5 yr old kid and asked him "O Son, what is your name?. He replied "Aya Singh. Baba Ji smiled "sanuo tuhadi hii intzaar sii (I was waiting for you)".

Sant baba karam singh ji called Baba Lal Singh Ji and said "this is the same roh(soul) that we saved in the time of ghullara(gadar) in delhi...He got only this life time to do sadhna before mukhti.

Family said , we had this thought(phorna) that if kid was born in the family and we will give this kid to your charan and stay with your forever.

Sahib siri baba karam singh ji smiled said, this thought(phorna) was pre-ordained because there was a strong link between me and him in previous life and he will have gaddi as it came from "dargah" as well.

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There is also one very interesting episode related to Baba Karam Singh Ji. Always inspires me too!

Once one senior army official was coming at Hoti Mardan Cantt for inspection. For his welcome the paltan was to put up a parade.When the day of his arrival came on that day Baba Karam Singh ji like his daily routine early morning got up for his nitnem and went towards the river bank as usual. That day Babaji was in such a Anand awastha in Path that he meditated till late morning and he missed his duty to parade. In those days every soldier had to be present in his duty timely and any absentee was punished severely.

There at the cantt the paltan performed the parade timely in front of that official welcoming him wearing new dresses supplied to them on this occasion.

Babaji missed that parade and was absent. But who then did the parade in place of him??

Waheguru to whom HE does Kripa always Bhagata de laaj rakhda ayaa hai. Waheguru taan Bhagta De Vas Vich hai. Seeing His Bhagat (Babaji) meditating HIS NAME in such Anand vibhor that Guru Gobind Singh Ji disguised himself as Babaji did parade and attendence among those present was marked for Babaji.

This Babaji (Disguised Guru Gobind Singh Ji) was looking most bright and active soldier in that parade. His dress was shining more than others. That official who had come for inspection kept on looking on this soldier only. He was so impressed and happy with the performance of this soldier at the parade that he ordered promotion of this soldier at once.

Parade was over. Baba Karam Singh ji was still in his samadhi. When he opened his eyes he saw that it was very late and so he rushed towards the cantt. He was thinking that today he will be court marshalled and will be severly punished.

On his way his other army colleagues met him and began to congratulate him for his new promotion. Baba ji was taken aback and was surprised that he was absent in the parade and then who did the parade. He thought that they were teasing him and laughing as he might have been ordered punishment. But on reaching Cantt his officers also handed him over the promotion letter and congratulated him. Now Babaji understood.

Tears flowed from his eyes for his Guru. He made up his mind that he will now do the service of only his WAHEGURU and not of anyone else. Next day he gave his resignation from the army. But the officials rejected his resignation and on hearing that he was absent and Guru Gobind Singh Ji himself did parade for his baghat they bowed to him and told him not to leave the paltan and meditate there only doing service to God and people.

There are many such episodes of Babaji.

"Jeh Jeh Kaaj Kerat Sewak Ki

Thah Thah Uth Dhavey

Sewak Ko Nikti Hoi Dhikhavey

(Raag Assa)

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Vahiguroo this is same sakhi was translated few months ago in this forum... from this sakhi he was very well-known to sikh sampardava's and from this sakhi- his urgue towards prema bhakti marg increased..

Vah Ji Vah..thanks for an refreshin reminder.

very good to know there are still some flowers left in Sikh Jagat who can feel sugandi of an kamal.


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