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baba attar singh mustaneywaley meetin with reru sahib waley.


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Sant baba attar singh mustaneywaley meeting with Sant baba Attar Singh Ji Reru Sahib.

Once sant baba attar singh ji mustaneywaley along with his sevaks doing seva of an sarovar when baba attar singh reru sahib came. They both saw each other turned their back towards each other and stayed like that for 8-9 hours. One of sevak noticed that and he told his fellow sevaks and were confused about it.

Then baba attar singh ji reru sahib just left without saying anything. Sant Mustaneywaley start back doing his seva of sarovar.

One of the sevak of baba asked him, baba ji tusi baba attar singh ji reru sahib naal koi gal nahi kitti for 8 hrs(you didn't know talk to baba ji for 8 hrs).. he just walked off .......after a pause...Sant Mustaneywaley responded and said, "aaj ta bahut Mazza aya in gallan chh". (talk was incredible ..full of bliss)

From this sakhi, we get to learn that sant/mahatama roha don't need to move their lips or even face other/look at each other to have a dialogue/talk. They are above from asthohol sirar(this body). They can talk to each other via "telepathy" regardless of the distance.....they can talk to each other/meet each other in "Nirvakalp Samadhi" while sitting, standin regardless of distance.

hope you guys enjoy this sakhi..more coming on its way...


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