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Controlling the mind?

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recently, i had a peak life experience - im sure all of you have experienced something similar where everything is serene, you have complete equipose and spiritual connection with the world around you - the Guru becomes strong within one's self.

like everyone, i have these experiences on occassion, they never last though but i feel they could if only i could understand - completely - how to control my mind.

when i'm on, meditation is high yield, when i'm not, i have to struggle with my simran and even then, i don't get back to where i was.

how do i understand myself and make my mind serve my spirit and not the other way?

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Sounds to me like your experience moments of stillness where you see and feel the vibrancy of all that is around you. Regarding the chattery mind, you have to dis-identify with your mind, you are not your mind. The mind is a tool that should be used by you not the other way around.

When your mind gets chattery then just step back and become the silent observer and observe the thinker (mind). This will help in dissassociating with your mind.

I have a cool audio file discussing this, if you want it I can send to you via msn.

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