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Shri Damdami Taksal Prabodh

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Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

Das is just starting this thread today and may not be able to complete it.As Das is very busy do deal with an Arya Samaji of vijaysingh.com who is disturbing Sikhs at sikhphilosophy.net and our Kala Afghan gruop type people may not be able to face him.

So today Das will write a briefe history of Arya Samaj there whose person is using undue languge or faul language for Guru.

Das think that it is better to face an adversary first then to write something which is our own part ,are own Damdami Taksal.

Das seeks blessing of Nihungs of UK that Das will be able to put clear picture about his Taksal so that They can put that also in there website of sarbloh.info.

Das is only giving a few points today which will be touched.

Why Baba Kartar Singh should be respected ?

Why Das thinks Sant Jarnail Singh Ji as a Hero ?

Why the disipline in Damdami Taksal is very hard ?

Does there any mention of them in history if no then why not and if yes then where?

And where the so called taksalis in UK are wrong if they hate Nihungs.

And is Buhdha Dal of UK the only Nihungs ?

By mercy of Akal and blessing of Baba Nidder Singh Ji das will come back soon.Had that Arya Samaji not come to that site Das would have wrote all details today.

(To Be continued....)

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You mean you will write about 'JATHA BHINDRAN' of Damdami Taksal. :) . It is just a chance that I was today in their Gurdwara in Sri Anandpur Sahib Ji, where Taksali Singhs were doing 'Kar Seva'. It will be interesting to read what you write about them.

Also, some members would like to know, if you have the 'blessing of Baba Nidder Singh Ji', what was the difference between 'Kar Seva of Sri Akal Takht Sahib Ji under the supervision of Budhha Dal' and 'Kar Seva of Sri Akal Takht Sahib Ji under the supervision of Jatha Bhindran of Damdami Taksal'.

Also, perhaps someone would like to know what Jathedar Santa Singh Ji was thinking when he appeared before the same Akal Takht, which was constructed under the supervision of Baba Thakur Singh of Jatha Bhindran.

Also, perhaps, someone would like to know if representatives of Budhha Dal were present during the 'Antim Ardas' for Baba Thakur Singh.

Please add these questions in your list, dear. It will be more interesting. :D

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I have also been thinking about this question if the creators of http://www.damdamitaksal.com/ who are from the uk have real claim I wish they put more information on to their site with more proof would be great. Even a counter view to those highlighted in sarbloh.info.

Something would be nice to see ie: the other side of the coin. Like more textual and pictorial information on Ithas.

Because the longer it is left then people will go with the sarbloh.info view as nothing else has been said or showen which means that in the long term people will see taksal lineage a a lie and the truth is sarbloh.

A huge benti GET SOME info on the NET.

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Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

Brother Amritpal Singh Ji,

Das surrenders before you.With hands up in air like many 'heros' did in front of Indian Army and many did not.During operation blue star 1984.

Das will come bach here soon.

Das is giving a link here where he put all things



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