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Holla Mahla

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Holla Mahla: Source: Holi Tu Holla ( Principal Satbir Singh, Born1st March1932- died 18 August 1994)

On 11 th November 1675 Guru Gobind Singh after his father’s martyrdom saw that Sikhan vich ‘Abhay Pad’ was yet to come. Guruji was in thoughts that what is that weakness which had caught the Sikhs? Guru had to take the weakness out of Sikhs.

‘Guru Dikhlaee mori

Jit Mrig padat Hai chori.

Holla Mahla also means this. Holla means Hamla and Mahl means jayey. To find out where to attack so that enemy which is sitting inside and also around us is defeated. To attack at that place where suspicion of mind is broken. To find out weakness so that cowardice is removed. Maadi awastha di tha Pakijgi ley lavey. Es mantav layi Guru ji ne Holla celebrate karn atey Mahla chadan da faisla kita.

Holla nu Hull da vigdaya roop vi kahya jaanda hai. Hull means Talwar di nok. Talwar di nok utey Khedna hi sikhi hai. The path of sikhi is Khaniyo Tikha and this path starts from where path of duniya is ended.

Pehla maran kabool jeevan ki chad aas hai’ te phir ‘Hon sabhna ki renuka’ taan phir guru milda hai. Aisa manan te karan wala sikh he Safalta naal mahla chad sakega. Such a Sikh after crossing the Charan ganga reaches Fateh garh and Guru Gobind singh ji di khushian prapt karega. Anandpur vich hun taak holla mahla Loh garh tun chal ke Fateh garh tak pujan di reeti Nibhai ja rahi hai.

When Guru Gobind Singh sat on throne he thought that it is important to find out that weakness jis de sahmney Ijjat lootindi dekh ke log chup ho jaande? Which is that disease jis ne insaan nu kamjor kar dita hai? What is that air who has blown all the green gardens in human life?

What is that web jis ne insaan nu apne vich fas leya hai? What is that poisnous snake jis ne aisa dasya ki saari manukhta hi nidhal ho dig gayi? What is that magic jis de prabhav heth man has turned animal. To name this disease Guru Gobind Singh ji said it is

“ Selfishness- Khudgarjee”

Out of selfishness is born jealousy and jealousy gives birth to hatred Es hatred ne he Uch neech de khayalan nu pakiyan keeta hai Es ne ek nu kamjor atey duje nu abhimani bana dita. To destroy this high and low among men was the first aim of Guruji. And when such was destroyed taan holi da subhao he badal gya. And khandey da amrit ne te Singh bana dita. New colours came to Anandpur Saheb now. New society was formed. This culture on the day of holla mahla competition de takrey hon lag gaye From that day eh reet ban gayi ki two dal were formed And both had its own pradhan and then competion took place one to attack the other and the other to defend himself. The dal which won used to get reward from Guruji. The manukh earlier used to act for show biz now acted for happiness and the ras of others. Jo subhao earlier was ahankar(haathi) lazy (bald) Kaam (Gadha) Amodpuna(Bhainsa) Atey Atchaturaiee (Kan) vala see Hun change ho ke Gun gavo (Rababi) Sada sad jagat Prem (Pakhavaj) Bhakti atey Nirmal Nirmalta Vala ho gaya

Pheel rababi Bald pakhavaj

Kauaa taal bajavey

Pehr cholna Gadha nacchey

Bhainsa bhagat karavey

(assa kabir ji)

Nimrata Ne ahankaar nu muka dita Jis Manukh da subhao ek dujey nu dasna se Jis da subhao pith vich churi maran da se Us di agyanta ult ke gyan ban gayi Us nu sujhi aa gayi ki mitr-ghat karna kitna ghor paap hai

This change brought in mankind was so powerful that now no one feared to put his feet on fire. To speak and fight against Julum. Talwar di nok ute sikh khedn lag paye Eh ajeeb lali, lal rang Holley Mahlaey ne chad dita. Naam da lal rang, Sewa da lal rang, Julum against bolan da lal rang, Daan da lal rang and gyan da lal rang.

‘Lal rang tis ko laga Jis ke vadbhaga Maila kadey na hovi na lagey daaga.’

Today let us ask out the same questions from ourselves? We have to search this weakness inside and around us. Are we on the same path as Guruji said?

‘Yahi Kaaj Dhara Hum Janamang

Samajh leyo sadhu sabh Manmang

Dharam Chalavan Sant Ubaran

Dusht sabhan ko Mool udharan.’

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