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BBC Radio 4 programme


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This audio link is from BBC Radio4. Click on "listen Again" under programme 2.

I thought it was interesting and felt that Jagroop put the Sikh position across very nicely...



Jagroop Singh, a Sikh, spends time with Girish Patel, a Hindu, as they each hope to gain a different and fuller picture of both faiths. Over 48 hours, they record their own audio diaries as they get an idea of what it's like to live in each other's shoes.

Jagroop visits Girish's temple during Diwali. Girish takes Jagroop into the heart of the temple, which is packed with worshippers who've come to pray at the sacred images of the Hindu deities. Jagroop is invited to take part in making offerings to Hindu deities, but for a monotheistic Sikh, this could be a problem.

Girish is fitted with a turban and visits a Sikh home that is also a 'Gurdwara', a place of worship. Sikh men are easily identified by their beards and turbans, but these are no mere ornament; they are integral to a Sikh's religious identity.

Relations between the Sikh and Hindu communities haven't always been good. The men talk about the 1984 storming of Sikhism's holiest shrine, the Golden Temple at Amritsar by Indian government forces searching for extremists, which sparked off inter-communal violence between the communities around the world.

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