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Part 1 & 2 Of Shri Damdami Taksal Prabodh

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Orginal post taken from part 1 thread:

Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

Das is just starting this thread today and may not be able to complete it.As Das is very busy do deal with an Arya Samaji of vijaysingh.com who is disturbing Sikhs at sikhphilosophy.net and our Kala Afghan gruop type people may not be able to face him.

So today Das will write a briefe history of Arya Samaj there whose person is using undue languge or faul language for Guru.

Das think that it is better to face an adversary first then to write something which is our own part ,are own Damdami Taksal.

Das seeks blessing of Nihungs of UK that Das will be able to put clear picture about his Taksal so that They can put that also in there website of sarbloh.info.

Das is only giving a few points today which will be touched.

Why Baba Kartar Singh should be respected ?

Why Das thinks Sant Jarnail Singh Ji as a Hero ?

Why the disipline in Damdami Taksal is very hard ?

Does there any mention of them in history if no then why not and if yes then where?

And where the so called taksalis in UK are wrong if they hate Nihungs.

And is Buhdha Dal of UK the only Nihungs ?

By mercy of Akal and blessing of Baba Nidder Singh Ji das will come back soon.Had that Arya Samaji not come to that site Das would have wrote all details today.

(To Be continued....)

Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

(Das did try to put it under thread Shri Damdami Taksal Prabodh but could not open that thread so Das is writing the continuation under a new thread. If possbile Admin or modrator are requested to take whole of the matter given below to Shri Damdami Taksal Prabodh thread,Das will be very Thank full to you)

So there comes the Das on the knowledge of Damdami Taksal.Before Das procede Das would like to imform that he used Rattan Singh Bahngu's Panth Praksah,Gurpratap Suraj Granth,Mangal Prakash(This Sau Sakhi is valid,As Suraj Prakash or Gurpratap Suraj is based on it only(Churahmani Kavi Sanotkh Singh Ji do tell that his observation are refered to Baba Ram Kaur(Gurbax Singh) and many part of the both books are just the same.Infact version of sgpc,Nihungs and Namdharis are same but there interpretaion is differanat),

Das also used Dasham Guru Chamatkar by Gyani Gyan Singh Ji.(Based on his reading of Suraj Prakash).

Das also talked to a Nihung from Tali Sahib(Near Kapur Thala) which is served by Baba Daya Singh Ji.Das also consulted one of his respected elder Brother,Who is a member of sikhawareness.com with higher Rank.

Das also read some books like Bijai Singh by Dr Veer Singh Ji,A Book hum Hindu Nahin by Kahan Singh Ji of Nabha.Das will give the name of others books also when we move further.

So Thing comes why should Baba Kartar Singh Ji should be given more respect.As Das recently had an encounter with Arya Samajis Das come to know about a starange thing.They even encourage a non Sikh Pagan ritual in Panth via covert operatives and along side this with wrong interpetation of Gurubani paint Panth wrong.In past due to this only they even converted many Sikhs male or Female into there fold.They even publically got Mundan(shaving of head) of Majabi Sikhs and then they were given Janeau and those were even given to females.They always target the females of Panth so that they are fallen as from time to time females have been able to virtually protected the panth from exniction.

So what Tat Khalsa people had done was not all wrong.There was no seperate Amrit or Langer for lower castes but only when after Becomin Nawab,S. Kapur Singh Ji divided Panth into five groups one of theem was headed by Biru Singh Ji Ranghreta.He had 1300 cavilary under him but all may not have been Rangreta.From there perhaps later on Rangreta converts might have made a separate Dal.(Refer Panth Prakash of Bhangu).LIKe wise when Uk Nihangs say that Amrit and that also of Kirpan to female was started only by Nawab Kapur Singh to reconvert them from Islam and there was no Amrit before this sems to be not correct.Likewise there saying that Amritdhari Female can shave some part of the bodies or may not wear Kachera also does not look logical.

How is that to be preoved? Well Guru Gobind Singh Ji worte a Hukumnamah to Sangat of Kabul telling them to take Pahul of Khanda.Das has read all and many more books of that times that female did form part of Sangat.If it was only for males then Male would have been told to do it only.(Near Bidar in south India there is place called Janewara where Mai Bhgo,Called Mata Bhag Kaur there did preaching.She came till Nadeed with Guru and thence went further south.

Then what about Hukunammah writtan at last of Dasham Granth.Mark of Sikhi five Ks. And HuQqa,Hazamat and Halal are forbiddan.So does Sikhi means only for Sikhs and Not for Sikhnis?

But there should be a historical accuont also of Amrit Dhari female.There is an instance of Mata Sahib Devan being Called as Mata Sahib Kaur in Mangal Prakash(Sau Sakhi).Then there it is writtan that Sikh can have matrimonial relationship with Amritdhari as well as without Amrit.So is Guru talking of Same Sex Marrige of cource no.They are talking Sikh for Siknis also.

Last very important text is Vijay Mukty Sakhi 10,As per Das it could be a part of 500 Sakhis disrritubeted by Guru near or in Nadeeded.(That was an oral Tradition which was documented by Pratap Singh Mehata).As it has 116 Sakhis.Or perhaps it is not from those Sakhis.There as UK Nihungs have said that in Hazur Sahib by having Amrit Togather with female husband and wife can become borther and sister Technically.Same issue is writtan there and discuused by Guru.Guru tells them to not to be retualstics yet if they want.They can Take Amrit of Khanda togather with there sisters or mothers or Doughters and Wives can go for separate Amrit Sanchar.

So if by taking Amrit togather two persons can become brother then there must not be problem to make Mazbis brother by taking Amrit togather.So this all has happened by oral tradition whcih are introduced often going against the orders of Guru.This has to be done to remove those wrong oral Traditions.One thing Niuhngs of Uk also note dowen that in Patna Sahib there is no Prakash of Bhai Bannu Wali beer but of standard Damadami Beer.This means that oral tradition of Khari beer copy of Guru Granth Sahib Ji oveer there is wrong.Das did heard this from them.Coming Back to feamel issue.

Sarbloh.info makes fun of Damdami Taksal Maryada about there not removing Kachhera while making love with spouse.So this means that nihungs remove there Kachhera duing intercourse.So if they can do so like removing kirpan on air craft flight then why not female can do during delivery that there Kachera is removed.

Das would like you all to know that there is no separate Amrit of so called lower Castes in most of the Branches of Budha Dal . Even the Branch in UK's India headquater(Those Budha Dal under Baba Santa Singh Ji are part of Budha Dal called Chhyanive Crore Chalda Vaheer,96,00,00,000 moving Carvan).There also openly there can not hurt 'lower' caste as this will lead there Tankha or legal proceding by Both SGPC and GOI respectivly.So in there inner hall al caste are made to stand separatly and by same bowel they are given Amrit.In fact one person was saying there that when he underwent Amrit from there in younger age there could be Female there to.AND no sparate langer is even there openly.

But fact is that Nihungs of Uk are realy from Baba Santa Singh Ji.The head quater may deny but that is only as a safe gurad to face wrath from Panthic body of sgpc.But they Chinvai Crori do want this type of ideal situation that there should be separate Amrit for Mazabis and female.AS Das has only heard that and not seen then this is an oral traditon that can be wrong.

Das was telling as before that there are many braches of Budhdal in India whi calim to to real Panthic and there Amrit is commamon to both gender and all castes. So in UK due to distance as per triya Charitar 266 Nihungs do not say lie.They are realy from Baba Sanata Singh Ji.Sgpc Maryada which they say is bastardy was made after concent fromk not only Budha Dal of lahore but also from Nihungs of Kashmeer.And Nirmalas.And even Udasi(Mahant Jaikumar) and Radhswamis.

There is a term that no one must have addiction to any drug.So this means that alchohal or Cannbis can be eaten or used till there is no addiction.So Nihungs do not go out of SGPC Maryayda also.So if Baba Kartar Singh Ji encouraged for Amrit for female and Mazabis togather then they must be saluted for that also.

During the 300rd Martyer Day of Ninth Master when some politicina were pestering Then P M Mr. Gandhi,This was perhaps the person who told that Faith of Khalsa is above plotics and reminded her of sacrifies made by Sikhs for Indian casue.She was also impressed by his clear speaking.(It happened in Ram leela Maidan Delhi).

It must be noted that next Head of this Chawk Mehata Branch was also having a very good realtionship with congreess especially now CM Capt. Amarindar Pal Singh(who left congrees after operation blue star and only joined perhaps during 1998 after Mrs Gandhi IInd Sonia Ji expressed regret over operation blue star).So if congress can give first Sikh PM,Presidient or Military head then it should be encouraged. To undo caste based disturbance in Talhan,Present CM did the right task to let Chawk Mehata Branch ot intervine and it was sorted out.Not only Jats but Dalits and Carpentars were also a part of movement by this DDT.(Damdami Taksal). So if the inner room of Budhdal of Baba Santa Singh ji can have photographs of Mrs Gandhi Ist Indira Ji and her son Rajeev Ji and VHP can talk of supporting congress if it helps hindu then if DDT had any such realtions then it is not BAD.

Das is now using Damdami Taksal for Chawok Mehata Branch but it is only a Branch.So if Das can use Nihung or Budhadal for UK Nihung then what is wrong for DDT to have Damdamitaksal.org his Uk Nihungs have nihung.org or Budhadal.org.Both are prominent.Both are Sikh.Some one of them use Khalsa.org that will also be OK as both are Khalsa also.DDT under Baba Kartar Singh Ji became most widly used so do they reperesnt the whole DDT.

If congress was so paly with DDT in past then what happend wrong during 1984.Well Das here want to say clearly that Sant Jarnail Singh Ji were not a politician but a saint .He did two mistake.

1. Showed miracle.

Das think that as per his capacity of Brahm Gyani had das been there Das could have done it.Aim was to prevent young were to become apostate as they are becoming PaTIT at present.But as per Gurmat it is strictly forbbiddan.So as all nihungs know they to have a very good miraculous powers in them yet they loath to show miracle as by showing Miracles a wrong person can misguide young.And in fact there could be a tendency for personal worshipping.again wrong in Panth.(Das request DDT members to at once stop to talk of Miracle realted to Sant Ji)

2. He was apperantly concerned with Punjab only and not rest of the India.

As he was a Vedanitic schollar and knew hinduism very well and being a Sant he had a sense of Belonging towards hinduism. That was rather a sort of drawback for him.He was over confidance over here.He did not wish Hindus bad but did very little to let Hindus know that he was not anti hindu.He was in one way justified as many Hindus who came into his contact also join him.But no one knows as who spevr joined him becmae Amritdhari.Infact many such persons were from hindu family.Yet he did not do enough to win confidance of Indians or Hindus at large.There were some pro Pakistani elements with help from some Babbers and Akalis were targeting Hindus.He did often protected kidnaped Hindu Girls but never made a publicity of it.He was after all not a politician but a Sant.And he was irritated by anti Sikh preaching by Nirnakris with opne Support from Arya Samajis.Alas he could not prevent Arya Samaji Propoganda to paint him anti Hindu while Arya Samajis were more Anti Hindus.

Coming to Nirankaris,like Asutoos Ji of present they were not the crreation of Congress but of Akalis like an Ex CM.And Congress like today at that time was also Pro Sikh.These fake Akalis(Das is using this term so far only for poltical Akalis) wanted to keep community always at tenterhoock for communal politics so do they did such wrong thing and Arya Samajis (Hind Samachar gruop to be more precies) used that oppertunity for harming the Panth(They are still trying the same for last more then 100 years.They are equal enemy of hindus).What about BJP or RSS.They said that Attack on Darbar Sahib was an Attack on thier Hindutva.Thye even once equated Kar Seva of Chandra Swami,a contraversial Godmen being done at Ayodhya with Baba Santa Singh Ji's KarSeva at Darbar Sahib.They are fool if they Think that Baba Ji were wrong while helping Indian Govt. To rebulid Akal Takhat.That impression that person who is /was not loyal to Sikh how can he be loyal to hindu is wrong.

Had Baba Ji not helped Indian Govt. at that time then relations of Hindus and Sikhs would have been spoiled forever.Indian Govt.would have been more Bad.In Fact Baba Ji want population of Sikhs to reach 960000000.So this is not possilbe in Khalistan only in Punjab.He was realy very upset by destructions of Akal Takhat and was at most more bothered to restore it as soon as possilbe.Indian Army persons can say that they were also not Happy to attacke shrine as GOVT. ordered.But Both Nihungs and Army can gulp there sorrow in wine.

But Indian Army was imprerrsed by comittment showen by men defending Complex under Gen Subeg Singh.,Babbers were not as effisent nor co oprative with main defenders so collapsed early.These men were not all vegtarians as later on from there food coooked meat was found(Dairy De Panne by Bhanwar).This means that not all figthers were from DDT but many were from SGPC Maryada.As per Sant Ji Amrit was same be it from DDT or from SGPC.Here there are better placed then Even Nihungs of UK as they prefer female not to take Khande da Amrit with men or thier policy for Majabis.

Then there was another thing.If even DDT was given a respaonsiblity by Nihungs from Saheed Misl they did justice to it.

Did not Nihungs used force to contain Bandais? Yes they did.Did not Sukha Singh Nihung killed Karma Chhina an anti Sikh,Was not Akaldas also attacked by Dal Khalsa?

When Nirnakaris were having a free run with support of Arya Samaji lobby irrespective of RSS or congress but who so ever is in Govt(they were mian culprits to tragic circumstances not the congress or RSS).And they were not giving up after peicefull request Das think that there was no other option left.

Did not Nihung Jathedar of AS Phola killed a Taksali first in bit of rage.For opposing Nihung traditions and if he was jsutfed as it is said that phola was creation of DDT then what was wrong for then(DDT) to be vilelnt for Nirnakaris.Anyway Nihungs in UK are tlkaing about state teroroism run by govt. Of India.They have history to oppose tyrants what they are doing to face Indian Govt.Das can say that at present there is no much problem with Indian Government also as Punjab has its own state Government.

Problem was not with Sant Ji or his men but those people who misued his name.He is a Hero and he was a Hero.Now Baba Harnam Singh Ji are there as a care taker.Baba Ram Singh Ji will make brach at Sanger.Then what about Death of Sant Ji,He is not going to meet the fate of Baba Ram Singh Ji Das feels.He may not have died but like Banda Bahadur escaped. Like Shankrcharya or Mastinder Nath,He could have even changed his body.But he may not return.And each and every Sikh and Hindu must have his spirit in him/her.Shaheeds never die.

Das has come accross people who claim to be Taksali opposing Das from reading any books. Such people are worhty to be called Akahnd Kirtani Jatha Branch of Damdami Taksal.Das is just kiding.Bhai Randherr Singh Ji were respected and still respected by DDT so are other AKJ people so that they learn something from them like respecting Raag Mala or Dasham Granth and be intellectualy sound.But in that country of UK many Taksalis have copied the Bhole bhav type of Bhakti being done by AKJ as a part of DDT.It is DDT who is to influence AKJ as it has been doing to Nihungs or Nirmalas in past being brain bank of Panth.From where on earth do they start to copy AKJ.Das respect AKJ but Das is worreid that there are many a Taksalis in UK who are worthy to be in AKJ.AKJ supports simpley high diespline and no much regard to study and getting divine goal.They are justified.But same can not be said for DDT who is givne a task by Guru to educate .Taksal was never Anti Indian or Anti Hindu nor Taksalis but some unworhty intruders have brought a Bad name on it.And das want to tell here that Nihungs of UK have nothing to do with RSS.Even if they use Hindu Rasthra or Indian nation in there website.Das can say they are better for Hindus.And They are not pro congress as such as even they use Mahatama Gandhi or Ashok Chakra or even hand symbol or even lotus symbol.They are above politics.they are using it to attrack other non Sikhs to them thats it and thats all.

When Narsingha Ji of Sikhawareness.com was asking for there history non of them in UK knew it and only a student of Baba Nidder Singh, Das did research to get the thing in order.Where Taksal is goiong.Better work them them Nihung Teja Singh are doing.He is worthy of PHD degree for research but he was instead threatened and even online bullied.It was unworthy for them to say wrong thing had they do not know it.Das can say at the most that there has been to much mudslinging on each other.

But there was a problem with oral tradtion thing as unrcoreded matter can be adultrated by faslehood.One has to be carefull with source.Then when we talk about some Tat Khalsa people they were as much Sanatan Dhramis as Say AKJ or DDT or Nihungs as as per Jathedar Iqbal Singh Ji of Takht Harmandir Sahib ,Patna Sikh Panth is Sanatan Dhram and from Sikhs only sects of Hindus or Semetic emrged.Initial three Sikhs of Akal were Brahma,Vishnu and Mahesh.(book wahiguru Naam Abhias).They can be Taksali,Nirmala and Nihung.

Das read the books of Dr Bhai Veer Singh Ji,He is not anti Hindu nor is he denying that Hindusim or Islam are false Faith.He along side Kavi Santokh Singh Ji are part of linage of DDT as whole family tree or Graph.

Then prof Sahib Singh,He was the one who said that main reason for Guru's going South was to not to help Bahadur Shah but to help Hindu nationalist there(book on Guru Gobind Singh Ji).He being Ex hindu like das was not anti Hindu.

Then Kahan Singh Nabha had title Shri man 108.This is title of Sanatan Dhrami.Then his book 'Hum Hindu Nahin Hain' had been forward by Jathedar of Takhat Sachkhand Abchal Nagar ,Nanded.His that Takht is of Sanatan Sikhs then why did they support Kahan Singh ?.Kahan Singh did refered to two Puranas which have derogatory referance with word Hindu and what Farsi pagans use to say in racial term.He was in way encouraging the Sanatan Dharam only.Books by these proved that Muslim can be converted to Sikhism,Farsi can be read,Sword is Devi and not idol.

Present Day Sanatan Sikhs use this thing to preach there point.While even persons like Baba Khem Singh Ji were opposing such ideas.Who is termed as Sanatan Sikh.By living Guru there is chance of his becoming Sat Guru as hapened in Radh Swamis or Namdharis.So Tat Khalsa at that time were always working at tendem with Sanatan Sikhs.It is unlike prsent Day Kala Afghana type who have personal Vendetta towards Sants or Hindus.May be a reaction to Arya Samaji attackes.Even Bhai Randherr Singh and Bhai Rama Singh also approved super natural powers in Hindus unlike Kala Afghana Ji who refuse the same in Sikhs also as Arya Samaji are doing in hindus.

Coming Back to Taksal,Taksal means a place where currency is made.For currenacy it is standarad and valuable.And for Sikhs there wealth is Verses of Guru.Caste coin in true Taksal(Japu Ji Sahib).

And trrue Sikhs also are Panthic wealth.So taksal is more like a university,where correct meaning of Gurubani via Santhia are both preached to common people and Preachers are trained as a student.

Even if it is an Arth Pranali or system of correct meaning explaination then without Preacher and audience,Teachers and student it is of no use.Only with human compoment any system of sprituality does moves.And humans with commonality make a community and so Damdami Taksal was and is a community since the time of Guru.There are mnay Nihunds who were/are its part but not all.So can be said for Nirmalas but there are some parts of Taksal who areniether Nirmalas nor Nihungs but others.There could be some commananlity between Nihungs and Nirmalas respectively with Taksal but not in all aspect.

So when we go to university there are some speacial rules for student and staffes.Say student are away from home and may come in contact with local females.So if they eat meat then they can be more attracted as it activates desire.To prevent that student are not allowed meat.In most of the Hindu Gurukuls also and Taksal and Nirmalas also may not be an exceptions then instructur may not preach vegitrianism to student till they are themselves not vegis.And so the aoudience of them also tend to be like them so do they become Vegis also.Then that could be the same reseon that they have strict disipline for sexual life.They aslways have to act like role model to student but public who listen to them also follow them.Sleeping of two men seprately may not be by thier own expireinace of homesexuality but they might have seen it in some other community in sismilar situation.That might have caused them to be pre emptive.Like say some other convennt or Dal or Akahra or Jatha or Vaheer or Madrasa or Gurukul.So if someone arranges for firefigthing in his home then his home may not have as yet burnt but he could have seen other's getting burnt so preacution is taken.

Then Why Kachhera one one leg while making love by both in couple.Simple,as a mark to rember that equal paricipation of both the couple and male must not exploit female even his wife by doing something which could be painfull to her or against her wish.In Fact letting Amritdhari female shave her body hair by some communities may point for some thing that it may make female more fit to sleep with.And that could have given rise to oral tradition of letting female only having head hairs and only Kara after Amrit of Kirpan.So more is to satisfy male in that regard then any other spritual thing.

Coming Back to DDT.It is a fact that most of the Sant Samaj tends to approve 5 orders or Samryaday since Gurus time,They are Seva Panthi,Nirmalas,Udasis,Bhai Mani Singh Ji Taksal(Or Amritsari or Amritsali perhaps),Baba Deep Singh Ji Taksal(or Damdami Taksal).As das is not ver interested with the concept of Oral traditions as they can be wrong.In Fact often record made by Britishers also may be wrong.sarbloh.info at one place tells that British intelligencia may not have good intention so there referances used by Nihungs of UK may be biased(by writers themselves).Same could have been said by fact that it is not good to put referance made by TaT Khalsa Vidwaan in one place of the site and condemming them at other place.

Das did read that Guru made Guru Ki Kashi Damdama Sahib at Talwandi Sabo Ji both in Mangal Prakash and in Rattan Singh's Path Prakash.And from Gyani Gyan Singhs Dasham Guru Chamatkar based on Suraj Prakash perhaps tika by Teja Singh Ji Sodi,it was found out that Bhai Mani Singh did help to rewrite The Guru Granth Sahib Ji's version we call Damdami Beer with verses of Ninth Master being included.Here in Delhi when Surjeet Singh Ji Sikh missionary say that this was Dasham Guru Ka Granth he is misguided or Misguiding as this is Damdami Beer.And Dasham Guru Ka Granth is Dasham Guru Darbar.

In Panth Prakash(Pracheen by Bhangu) we have this thing writtan that by eating leftover of Guru Bhai Mani Singh Ji were becoming Brham Gyani,He used to do Katha of Gurbani at Shri Amritsar Sahib(ie Preaching) So he might be teaching the preachers for future as it has been in all jobs that next person is tranferred the skills.He was also writtan as Pujari.And adminstator of Amrit as well as Tankha and even he did a mistke that he separted Bani by Verse made by each Guru(DDT people do not belive that) personal notes from Das is that in this Granth we have Mukhwaq Patshahi Tenth which is manin part of Dasham Granth.And a solo copy of is also to be found at Patna Sahib.And there after he got punishemant of cutting joints till killed.

It is surpriseing that at one place Nihungs of UK say that only Combatised were Singh but there are many instances like Bhai Mani Singh Ji,Subeg Singh Ji,Shahbaz Singh Ji,Two oterh Singh whose field of agricultrue was destroyed by mule of some Sandhu(Sahib Rai) and that lead to clash with Bhai Tara Singh Wan.So these and also even Nihung Taru Singh were not fighter but a scholar or Adimnstrature or say farmer.And there were even goldsmith who underwent Baptism of sabre or Kahnda da Pahul and becoem Singh.

While they say Sewa Panthis were not having Khande Da Pahul or Khalsa order.There is so far no linage or report or memoray(Das did asked a person from Mahant Teerath Singh Ji side of Ghuninan Mandi he does not rember name of bhai Mani Singh Ji in Seva Panthi).In Fact Nirmalas do respect him but there is no relation of him as such with initial five Nirmalas or Bhai Daya Singh Ji.His connection with Sewa Panthis is false.He was Khalsa and teacher and preacher and thense Taksali.He was at Amritsar Sahib so his Taksal could be Amritsari Taksal.

During the time when Nawab Kapur Singh became Nawab as per Bhangu there were Five Jatha Das will also give of at least two of thier part. One was of Saheed and Nihungs headed by Deep Singh Karam Singh and second one was of Dharam Singh Amratsaria.(at the start of great holocaste ,the Vada Ghallughara also both these groups are mentioned it appears that Shaheeds were both parts of Misls and the five groups.While Amritsaris were never a Misl nor Beeru Singh Rangreta's Jatha.

Das here a give another thing that in Bhangus book there is no much record of Shaheedi of Baba Deep Singh Ji.Nor there is any record of his going to Nandeded.Another time he is mentioned is that when Patyala king served him.As he took part in a mission of Dal Khalsa to help patyala 's king and after him there is a mention of Baba Gurbax Singh Nihung.His maryterdom is given in detail of Rattan Singh's book, there he is refered as Shaheed even before Martyerdom.

There is a Sakhi that due to Baba Deep Singh's replceing Faqiran by mooreedan ib Khyali of Tenth Master could be the reason that he gave his head to let that word be changed.DDT does not vote for this.Perhaps he could be heading a sort of suicide squad which was ever ready to take missions where death was certion so he was declared Shahhed before Martydom.Same could be said for his type of group.And by name and ways(of chosing death over deserting Harmandir Sahib) Baba Gurbax Singh Ji were definatly from the same Group.This at least proves that he who had Shaheedi after Baba Deep Singh Ji was in fact the successor of Baba Deep Singh Ji.

Then what thing could give about the history of Baba Deep Singh Ji.Well better then books and thier historic records there is something called Archeology.He have a copy of Damdami Beer writtan by Baba Deep Singh Ji at Damdama Sahib.He have a Burj or watch tower where he sat.He have place related to his sacrifise in Amritsar also.

As Bhai Mani Singh also was there with Mothers(wives of Guru) so it is vey much possible that Guru gave him(BaBa Deep Singh) an authority to write more copies from main copy of Guru Granth Sahib Ji.It is said he sent one each to each Granth.There is a bit of conflict of weather first Damdami Beer writtan be Guru was the same which was Given Guruhood in Nanded or was it a copy of that beer.If it is the same as Takhat Damdama Sahib people say then bhangu is wrong(Das will give detail on it later).Or else it is possbile that Guru made first copy and Baba Deep Singh Ji copied it and from That copy made other copies.And one such copy Guru took to Nanded.It is said that Baba Ji sent one copy of Guru Granth Sahib ji in Arebic to Arebia.Das knows about Arabian Sikhs and if got a chance he will veryfy about it as well.

But as he also wrote a copy like Bhai Mani Singh and was a scholar also then there is no doubt that he was also teaching/preaching aodience as well as students about correct meaning of Gurubani.Nihungs of UK also are agreeing to it in sarbloh.info.(Here das wants to say that Nirankaris with Arya Samaji support were misinterpreting Gurubani and anyone with Damdami Taksal responsiblity had a duty to prevent the both at any cost and by any mean).As it is possilbe for a person to be a Nirmala and Nihung at the same time so if some can become Taksali(university teacher or Vice Chansler) along Side being Nihung there should hardly be any problem.

Then Das comes for Baba Gurbax Singh.He was a Nihung yet he took Amrit from Bhai Mani Singh Ji,There is hardly any instance that any Seva Panthi giving Amrit to a Nihung.But full Khalsa who is non combatised Bhai Mani Singh can do that.And it is further writtan in bhangus book that he sat near at Akal Bunga Takht.

Before him only bhai Mani Singh ji are mentioned to be sitting at same place.This gives ample proof that he was the one who succeded Bhai Mani Singh Ji also to head Amritsali Taksal.So He can be joint head of two Taksal.

Then if we see of linage it is not always a tree but can be a Mesh like

Say Das and n30singh are studying both from Baba Nidder Singh and Bhai Amritpal Singh Ji Amrit

Baba Nidder Singh Bhai Amrit Pal Singh Ji Amrit


das n30 singh das n30singh Paramjeet Singh Mintu


Kiranpal Singh Raj Singh Kiranpal Singh Raj Singh

From that mesh if say Kiranpal Singh wants to show linage and shows like

Bhai Amrit Pal Singh Ji




Kiranpal Singh

So if in that linage name of n30singh or Baba Nidder Singh is not coming that does not mean that they were not the part of system.Since long in India there has been more record being kept of political heads and of the lesser extent of religeous heads.Be it Nirmala or Be it Seva Panthi or Be it Taksali.Das did not get anyother record of Nirmalas but from Maryada by Bhai Daya Singh.As they were to busy to preach faiths to all so they did not wasted thier time to write thier history.Same can be said for Taksal.

So far Das proved about Three Mahpurush of Taksal and fact that at the time of Baba Gurbax Singh Ji Shaheedi both Taksal were merging into one(This was after Vada Ghalughara).And after his Martydom next Mukhi is Gyani Surat Singh perhaps.AS there were many of the student and he is one of them who come to prominacne.And he was the student of Bhai Mani Singh Ji.

Das also want to put one more interesting thing here. There is a mention of Baba Fateh Chand of Murare Wale in the tree of Damdami Taksal.This proves that there could be comon Sikh,Singh,Sahijdhari,non Sikh ,Udasi,Sevapanthi or anyone in Damdami Taksal.And not purly that only Nirmala or Nihung .

So far views were not by Das himself but based upon views of others.Das edited a hate mail towards Nihungs of UK into decent words so that Brother Amritpal Singh Ji may not say that Das is partial towards Nihungs of UK.Yet Das repeat that they must not be hated and let there be a tolrence in India also for thier views so that Baba Santa Singh Ji can also preach as openly as Baba Nidder Singh Ji do in UK.

So Far Das proved that there were Five orders in Panth.As it is writtan in bhangus book,Satiguru Bachnan par Mati Thani.This can be meant that by order or words of Guru mat(order ) was resloved/created(By bhai Mani Singh Ji).Here mat(i) can be views of certian type as told by Guru to be preached.

Then where are the Nihungs if they are not ouot of five orders?

Well like in Army we have sections or specialised units or deparments we had Nirmala(Public realtions/Recrutiment),Sevapanthi(Logistics),Taksals(Both of them as education corps) And Udasi(Medical and intelligence).There role could be overlaping or evenn more.

But when we talk of orders or Sampradaya they are mentioned in the light of 'other then' main body(infantary in Amry).So Main Body of Sikhs has to be Singhs.And some Singhs with Extra code of Conduct are Nihungs and some with a bit more in some way or less in other way perhaps are Akali(Refer Bhai Daya Singh Ji's Rahit Nama).

So if some one says that DDT's Rahit Nama is actual Rahit or code of Sikhism then it is false.It is rules of university and not of whole of the socity.Then if some one says that if there is a conflict between sgpc rules and Niuhngs rule who should come first Das will say that actual body are Nihungs and under a delibarted conspiracy they are been sidelined as a separate order or Sampradaya.They are the real Panth.

Das hope for the Day of Panthic unity as Panth is mother and Father like for Das when as a head of Akal Takaht,Baba Santa Singh Ji visit Chowk Mehta and there AKJ is is doing thier Rain Sabahi Kirtan.And Sardar Gurbax Singh Ji Kala Afghana Ji are also doing a Gurmat Katha over there.This could be posssilbe if Nihungs are resoterd to older glory as they are tolrent and now how to move togather with different interest.

This work of Das will look like full of contra diction but Das did accomodated the views of others which are coming totaly against his own Nihungs of UK.Das also wanted something to prove by this that how tolrant are Nihungs of UK that inspite of Das's giving views of people opposing them in his writing they will still support Das as Das is going by thier idealogy of support truth.Das also looks forwards if there could be any correction which could be done or Das is anywhere wrong in his writing.Das knows that he is wrong to offened Nihungs,DDT or AKJ.

oops! Das is yet to complete the main account of Damdamis being mentioned in one book.

Yes it is in Rattan Singh Bhangu's Panth Prakash.Refer to Vada Ghallughara.There are mentiones of Misls and five gruops being present there when Sikhs were attacked by Abdali.There is a mention of Amritsarias and Nihung Shaheeds.Here otherwise we have mentions of Anandpuria s and persons with linage of Guru's family and Rangretas among many others.

So lets go at that part of that war when it is writtan that after Charh Singh(Perhaps the Charhat Singh Grand father father of Ranjeet Singh) did a very good on the mark shooting with his Ramjanga Guns.And this instance is after that and before when Carvan or Vaheer reaches the village of Gahal.

Its is writtan as it is litterlay first

Singhs with forece made amry out.Carvan was surrouonded by heavy Tummman(paltoon of pathans).

There two Granths were moving.One was Amaratsaria (and another) Damdamia that(joi)..111.

They(tumman) surrouonded it from coming at front.They were speraprated(Damdamis and Amritsarias).

Keeping Granth Majhail fought.They kept weapons with them.112.

They fought for the time of ghari(a unit of time) then were killed.Then sword was kept on Damdamis(here term Damdamian is used it is to do with plural).

For 3/4th Ghari there they faought.Without weapons what would have they done.113.

They recogaonsied the war of Faith and religeon.They targeted Deem Sotas(Sticks) for blow.

But when/how they(Pathans) were going to die with deem sotas.By blow of sword they made their bodies into two.114.

This is quite interseting.

Bhangu first write s that two Granths were moving.This means that he could be talkin about whole school or university attached to those Granth for preaching.It could mean that he could be talking of Santhias as Granth by themselves can not move but needs some care taker.They are termed as Damdami and Amritsaria.Here in fact this beer could be the one writtan by Guru himself.They were surruinded and seperated.

Then it is writtan Dhar Granth or holder/or holding of Granth Majhails faouth .There as Majha is the region where Amritsar Sahib is located so Amritsaria are refered as Majhails.It is surprising that there theses guys were having weapons(Unlike non combaitised Bhai Mani Singh Ji).They fougth for Ghari and were killed.

Now have look to next sentance.It is writtan then sword was kept on Damdamis or they were attacked.Damdami Granth could be one but when Damdamis who are attacked are in plural.They are going to be human comunity.Then they fought for 3/4 Ghari(They can not be Granth or book or Arth Pranali but humans.And without weapon what would have they done(Again humans and not book).Recogansied the war of Faith and religeon.Deem Sota were taan(Targeted) for blow.By deem sotas when were Pathan going to die .they made blow of Sword and seprated the bodied of Them (Damdamis).

Well starnge thing here is that Damdamis are writtan as non combatised as without weapons,Inspite of thier recently deprated leader Baba Deep Singh Ji was a nihung who recently about four years before said to have faought without head.This measn that these Damdamis were not Nihungs.

As both of them were said to have killed in this battle and There were a few Amrit Sarias also with weapons,This means that at later stage a Nihung with weapon can head the both of the Taksal.He Was Baba Gurbax Singh Ji who later got Shaheedi or martyerdom.Then by this das can say that as a Nirmala that yes we repect Taksal.Many of our men go to get education from them but they are not from us.As They are not from Nihungs.And likewise in Past they may have got education from us or Nihungs but they are SEPARATE from both of them.But may not be indepentdent nor either of tow be independent of Taksal.As conclusion Das will say that these were all not his views nor were the official views of AKJ,DDT ,Nihungs or Nirmalas.Das will also request 96 crori Budhadal to gain the leadership of Panth and for that they have to be perfect.And for that they have to leave two things.Just to let worthy poeple be devoid of thier right in hyarchy as 'lower' castes in hindus alsi are very brave especialy during Hindu Muslim riots.There could be a conspiracy of higher caste to let them not reach the top.So let there be a coomin amrit for them.Likewise it is more male chauvnist lust which wants feamale devoid of body hairs to get more sexual pleasue from smooth body.Female is not an object of pleasure as she also has a soul and she also has a right for salvation and her soul is like that of male.So Amrit is concerned with soul and thence let her also be allowed to take Amrit with male (if she wants) and to keep 5 ks(if she wants).So other then Kirpan the Amrit she can be a given an option for Khande Da Amrit.Let her chose from two.

Das wants to say as self assesmsnt of Nirmala that he himself has to reduce his anger ,a vice,when some ritualistic's Sikhs tend to tell us to follow thier ways(like not eating meat or wearing keski for female).He by knowing more then them tend to be angery like Hindu Brahmin.It is better that he must manitain our cool and let them know our views in humble way.As Sikh has to be humble and Nirmalas also are Sikhs.If we have linage we may not be proude as Meenas and Niranjanias also had linage while Guru Nanakdev Ji and Bhagat Prahlad had linage direct from God.

Das is tendering an appology to all who so ever had his feeling hurt or views beinbg Challanged.Das is very much with Nihungs of UK but das was compelled to take the views of all those with whom Das interacted.(Brother Amrit Pal Singh Ji are aware of it).Rectify the fault of Das if any while posting.Das also wants that where thier is some wrong information is given by him kindly Taksali,Nihungs,Nirmalas ,AKJ or any of Brother or Sister point it out.But kindly let it remain a good disccussion instead of making it a match of slander being made towrads Nihungs of UK or Baba Nidder Singh Ji.Some post slandering them realy hurt Das and das felt as his he is menatly and physicaly abused online.Akal Bless.

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