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Rumours, rumours, rumours...

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Guest Javanmard



[align=justify:777e3f543e]Rumours, voices in the dark whispering tales of illusion, little ships of half truths and lies floating on an ocean of cowardice and hypocrisy...

And they call themselves Singhs of Guru Gobind Singh when in truth they are nothing but eunuchs... I know 14 year old girls who have more maturity and dignity than some who go around spreading rumours about me...

I haven't posted in a long time on any forum for reasons that remain personal and I give myself the right to inervene whenever I so wish...

Some friends have called my attention to the fact that some people both on sikhsangat and sikhawareness claim that I have changed my mind about Sanatan Sikhi, that I have nothing to do with the UK Nihangs and that I have become a good mainstream Sikh...

Some even claim to have met me recently even though I wasn't even in the UK...

Have you people got nothing else to do with your lives?

So that all of you understand once and for all:

I am an amritdhari Singh and a member of the Nirmala Sampradaya. My lineage of teachers goes back to Bhai Dharam Singh, one of the Panj Pyare, and I am proud to have people like Sant Panjab Singh, Sant Pheru Singh and Sant Rocha Singh in my lineage: scholars and knights of the Panth.It is because of them and their adoption of the Khalsa's tradition of chivalry that I also have adopted Nihang maryada. Nirmala history has plenty of examples of dual membership and I would just need to mention Baba Deep Singh Shaheed who was both a Nirmala and a Nihang. May the memory of his scholarship, wisdom, love and sacrifice inspire us!!!

As to the issue of "Sanatan Sikhism".This expression as I have mentioned in earlier posts was used by the Amritsar Singh Sabha as a reaction to the emergence of Neo-Sikhism. I tend not to use it as it has a lot of conotations that are historically and politically conditioned.

Sikhi is sananatan i.e. eternal but I find the use of the expression "Sanatan Sikhi" very clumpsy and inappropriate: there is just Sikhi, the Sikhi of our Gurus and then there is this recent phenomenon called Neo-Sikhism (SGPC, AKJ etc...).

As a Sikh my allegiance goes to Guru Granth Sahib in its threefold manifestation as Adi Guru Darbar, Dasam Guru Darbar and Sarabloh Guru Darbar: all one manifested in three forms. My allegiance also goes to the Guru Panth and its highest representative institution the Budha Dal headed by Akali Baba Santa Singh.

As far as my relationship with the Uk Nihangs is concerned: Ustad Niddar Singh is a great shastarvidya teacher and great human being and I respect him. I have no say or role in the management of his akhara or the akhara's websites. Even though I disagree on some issues of terminology I am sympathetic to the aims of the akhara i.e. re-establishing the practise and teaching of shastarvidya and Akali Nihang traditions.[/align:777e3f543e]

[align=justify:777e3f543e]I wish this thread to be closed after my own post as I do not intend this thread to be a discussion rather a statement. Don't try to send me pms in order to start a discussion or debate: I am not interested. Also, do keep me out of your petty suburban politics: I have got better things to do with my life!!![/align:777e3f543e]

Let us all concentrate our energies in the service of Guru Gobind Singh, the real purpose of our lives!!!

with love

Bahadur Singh

ps. In order to respect the dignity of the individuals who have been spreading stupid rumours about me I have not mentioned their names.

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