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Interesting Programme on Channel 4!!

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Anyone see it??

A review by a friend:

watched an amazing documentary on bbc4, shown at

about 10 oclockish about the rise in hundu fascism and

the indian (BNP) BJP political party and the RSS and

teh bajrang dal and teh recent riots against minority

muslims in Gujarat followign teh godhra incident.

the documentary was called "India: Final Solution" by

Rakesh Sharma. an amazing documentary and a great

insight into indian politics and what is going on in

rural india.

in 2002 countless muslims in gujarat were killed,

raped, burnt alive, looted, humiliated and massacred

by Hindu Mobs.

i think the documentary is such a powerful reminder of

what hate can do to people, it isnt a counter-hate

campaign, it is an insight into human nature and how

mob culture and fascist organisations are takign

advantage and brain washing normal people using

religion as a political pawn, and also how revenge and

hatred makes the whole thing into a vicious cycle.

I think the documentary should be shown at

universities, because it would really make people

think, and appreciate what people living in India are

going through.

we need to let people knwo that organisations like the

nazis, national front, BNP and the BJP, RSS and SHiv

SENA or any nationalist organisation should not be

allowed to come into power in any country.

the documentary was banned in india, but went on to

win many awards at film festivals around the country.

below is a link to teh bbc news article.

also there was another program just before this one

called "Hindu Nation" by sir mark tully, part

supporting the BJP.

here are the bbc links





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This was a brilliant program on the religious hatred that occured after the Gujrat Riots, really shows how people at the top push their hatred onto youths to carry out crimes in the name of religion. Hopefully the guys at Sikhifm should put it onto their site for the people who missed it.

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