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Paparazzi to force Beckham to quit Real?


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England captain David Beckham has raised fresh doubts over his Real Madrid future by revealing his anguish at the hounding of his children by Spanish paparazzi.

And the 29-year-old former Manchester United star's comments are sure to put a number of Premiership clubs on alert - Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur are thought to be the clubs who would be most interested.

Beckham, who has previously insisted that he has been happy with life in Madrid, wants to protect his two oldest sons - Brooklyn and Romeo - from the intrusive interest of the media.

And while vowing not to quit football for a quiet life, his observation that "I have not had this probably anywhere else before" places fresh doubt on whether he will spend a third season with the nine-times European champions.

Beckham, who left Manchester United for the Bernabeu for £25 million in 2003, said: "Victoria and I have always accepted that we are in the limelight and people will want to take pictures of us.

"But when it comes to our children, when they are on their own at their school, nursery or football school, then it is crossing the line and I don't know what to do.

He continued: "I love playing for Real Madrid. They are one of the biggest clubs in the world, even though we have not won anything yet.

"I love Spain as a country and the fans have been incredible to me since I moved there. But what I get over there, I have not had probably anywhere else before - apart from once in the United States."

The two recent incidents which have particularly upset Beckham, making the England skipper "sit back and think", occurred in the past fortnight.

He added: "Brooklyn is six and goes to a football school. I was working and Victoria was looking after (their youngest son) Cruz but the paparazzi showed up and harassed him and chased him inside.

"This is a little boy and, for me, that is crossing the line. He was scared, of course it affected him. The same with Romeo when he was going into his nursery.

"People were taking pictures of him playing with the other kids. For me, it's crossing the line with my children.

"I love my children and my wife, but I am a professional person and I love my football. If I give in to some of the things that have happened to me in my career, it's giving in to these people.

"But I believe that when my children are going to their school, nursery or football schools, they should be left alone and they are not. For me, it's becoming a big problem."

Most commentators believe that should he return to the Premiership, Beckham is unlikely to go back to United while Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has previously said that the Real Madrid star would not fit into his team's preferred style of play with two pacy wingers.


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