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Photo of Bhai Minkoo And Bhai Sher Singh Ji (RaraSahib)

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Those who have an interest in Rara Sahib, will find this old picture interesting. On the left is 'Bhai Minkoo' his nick name. He accompanied Sant Baba Isher Singh JI Rara Sahib Wale with playing dholki in diwans. Maharaj ji have him 11/10 for his playing of dholki. On the right we have Bhai Sher Singh Ji. He was highly spirtitual. A short while after Sant Isher Singh Ji left his body, he too left his body! Amazing when they conquer their souls they are not scard of death.

Dharna: "Jere Mot Tou Dhare Jag Sare, Jere Mot Tou, Mere Man Anand Hai Pyaree".

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He now is head of RaraSahib Taksal, the third person from the left, the forth from the left is Legend Sant Baba Mohinder Singh Ji. A family in Leyton lost their son. Sant Baba Mohinder Singh Ji, also known as Jathedar ji said to the family"Koi gal nahi, bapas ah ju". After so many years the couple are like 60yr old, had a child. They say its coz of Jathedar ji Bachen. "Bhagata/Santa/Bramgania da bachen nahi mur-da" They can even pluk the stars from the skys if they wish! More about Jathedar ji can be found on www.jargsahib.com

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During the upgrade process.. we lost all the attachment pictures.. can you please send it to me veer ji so i can upload them again for you in this thread?

Thanks in advance.

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