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~Nine different types of Bhagti~


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source: baba ishar singh ji divans.

Sarvan Bhakti- Listen to Katha with full concentration.

Kirtan Bhakti- Signing Hymns Of Gurbani with full concentration.

Simran Bhakti- Doing bhakti alone.. reciting on gurmantar or vaheguroo, maala-naam jaap.. vaheguroo vahegurooo vahegurooo!!!

Namskar Bhakti- Doin Namskar (Humbly Bow Down) to guru granth sahib ji and be inferior to everyone even animals not just gursikhs..every living being.. vahegurooo

Archan Bhakti- sprinkle essence where one bows in front of Guru.

Ardas- Humbly Praying to akal purkh(god) before any important task to do.

Dasam Pab- Be Inferior And Praise Gurus as highest of the high

Sakhaya Sakhi Pab- Love vaheguroo like from one mitr(freind) to another mitr(freind)

Atam Nividan- Scarifice everything to vaheguroo.. its everything... basically completely surrender to vaheguroo ji....tan , dhan and mann completely scarifice to vaheguroo . thats when you get atam mukhti.

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