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Sant baba Aiya Singh Hoti Mardan giving sermons to Sangat.


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refererence: The Radiance of complete journey to Akaal Purkh

chapter- Sant baba Aiya Singh Hoti Mardan giving sermons to Sangat.

Diffferent ways of Meditation.

1. Meditating by focusing eyesight on rising sun. It's done in winter. Hindus call it trianghlar concentration.

2. Shugal Mayyat or Mansuri..some hindus call it dead body's posture it is done by lying on ground on back with mind upwards, body completely loose and eye sight focused on behind the brows.

3. Breathing control in which attention is focused on third mole. It's equal to the first one and is done via padam asan(cross legged position)

4. Attention is focused inside as well as outside on the fae of Guru(mentor).

In this way, one enjoys the unique fruits of spiritual life and hidden secrets are uncovered.

5. Shugal Ishnan Jat- In this, attention is focued on kalava shanovari due to this practice the mediator gets absorbed into his own self.

6. Shugal Aina (Means of Mirror)- It involves eye sight focussing on eye pupil in the reflection. This way eye-pupils over turn inwardly and get's to white spot or third mole.

7. Half awakened position- By this eyes are constantly kept open to avoid sleep. Therefore even though in sleep one remains half awake.

8. Inner form and intellect are concentrated upon white spot.

9. Eye- sight is focussed on the nose-tip then gradually moves backward to the nose-root. Going inward one has to enter realm of subtility. Yogis call it Chacri Mudra. It is also mentioned in Gita. Meditation phase contains three types:

1. Meditation upon Guru's phsyical form.

2. By concentrating on the place of the spirit in the body one feels light like a lamp. This is subtle medtiation.

3. The comes Guru's light form above the path of God's and ancestors and stays with the Sikh(learner).

This way seeker merges into God. Shamas Tarbez says, "I become you and you become me and my life so that no one distinguish between you and me". Perfect meditation disolves the trinity of worship, worshipper and object of worship. Worshipper and the object of worship become one. God or Guru's beautiful face only can be seen with sacred eyes, look at him with excitement and asthetic sense just as muslims look up the moon of Id, It's is not every eye's business to have a glance of True Guru's light form. Only fortunate ones attain to this status. But human being instead of listening to spiritual voice is given to hear outer souns. Alas ! you are bounded by phsyical chains and do not listen to holy voice of mercyful god.

Love: Love is the divine Law. It will win where reason fails

God is love and love is God

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I m glad you liked it bro..let's all concentrate on the real message...forget the fighting...let's all love and embrace each other.. that includes you and amrik singh as well :D

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