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No Alchemy

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Gone are the Philosophers stones

that turned iron hearts into precious gold.

The iron has blackened and become rusted…

Only the sweat of your own work can be trusted.

Clean and polish it remembering the One

This heart will reflect the colour of the Sun.

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Guest Javanmard

Respnse to Baz:

The Philosopher's Stone is not gone

It's presence is just like the sun

hidden behind this cloud

this world that makes us proud

All sweat and work are but His

gold you become when knowing this

He is the Philosopher's stone, o Majnun

the sun he is and us the moon

without an axis is the lost one

without His Face a world would be none

Bahadur says:

Call Him Imam Ali,call Him Guru Gobind Singh

Their love makes the heart melt, this is what I sing...

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