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Some personal thoughts, some personal poems etc

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The 99 Names exist within like seeds

The water of Remembrance makes them blossom in your heart and their fragrance will appear around your being.

You have to take care of this garden.

Light is reflected.

Light attracts Light.

Light gives to others.

Shaitan has his own names

Forgetting Allah makes them appear in you.

The darkness will spread from your heart to your surface.

The darkness will spread from your thoughts to your actions or inactions.

Darkness absorbs.

Darkness attracts Darkness.

Darkness takes from others.

One has to experience Light to know Darkness.

One has to experience Darkness to want Light.

Darkness hides evil while Light covers evil…

there is a difference here...

think about it.

Alone in Darkness

With God in Light.

Hidden in Darkness

exposed in Light.

In Darkness only you exist…

in Light only Allah.

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Darkness is the absence of Light.

This Light begins to leave when we ignore it.

The Straight Path is for walking not for sitting!

So run now to catch the Sun!

We look for Light outside of ourselves

We avoid the Darkness outside of ourselves

Yet this Straight Path is within.

We look for Allah in the mosque

We avoid Shaitan in the world

Yet both reside within us.

Shaitan will meet us on this Path

He will try to stray us with his many forms.

There is no resting on this Path

Resting will bring the night and

The night will bring danger.

In the night we wander blindly

In the night we stray off our course

In the night the predator’s vision is better than ours.

Follow the Sun and gaze at It

Stare at It long enough

so you will see It when your eyes are closed.

Let It be present in your moments of Darkness

and it will bring you back to your Path.

If we are in the Sun’s rays within ourselves

Then we become the moon in this world.

We can light up someone’s night by reflecting the Sun.

Find the moons if you are in complete darkness…

they will lead you to your light.

One Light reflected by many moons are God’s Mercy.

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A seeker looks for the Truth even though it is contained within him. We recognize the Truth in someone else’s words because we have already seen it within our own selves. Our search only confirms what is within.

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My Master came back to me

rushing like a tide

bringing me the treasures of the Ocean.

The waves embraced me with love

filling my being with pearls,

setting off a whirlwind within me.

Blood and pearls rushed around my rusty heart

polishing it into a mirror that reflects only beauty.

Be careful with it…

mirrors tend to break easily.

Reaching into the whirlwind I took a pearl

…and then another… and then some more.

I threaded them together but not to make a necklace.

My prayers beads are made of your pearls oh Master.

Touching each one I remember and worship You.

Your remembrance takes me deep within and

in this meditation I forget the world…

and I forget myself.

I become silent as I spin in my cosmic dance.

Your energy brings my universe to life.

Walking in to my heart I see Your reflection.

I look into Your eyes and only then do I see myself.

Keep me as a captive in Your eyes oh Master

Your shackles of gold adorn my wrists and ankles.

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