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I took an intro to falconry course a couple of years ago and this summer I am going on a week training in July to learn falconry in depth at a centre north of Toronto. Anyone else interested? It is from Monday to Friday from 9 to 5 and costs $600. Will be working with and training harris hawks and red tailed hawks. They also help you get your falconry license after you complete the course. If you want to buy a hawk or falcom or eagle they sell them at this place too. its a breeding centre.

Check out their website: www.falconrycentre.com

A couple of pics from the weekend course I took 2 years back:



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Ill take lots when I go in July :)

Here are some pics from when I appeared on the TV show "Chardi Kala" out of Toronto with Sarbjit Singh:



"Ishtyle TV" with Mo-D



This one was during an "Eye On Asia" appearance. Didnt get a pic with Darshan Sahota in there though.


A bunch more photos in my gallery here (around 16 pages I think). I love taking photos of wildlife so some photos I took in India, Indonesia, Singapore and at various zoos are in here too: http://www.ssnakess.com/photopost/showgall...php?ppuser=1619

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Man this is wicked.. you were on chardi-kalah tv show....that picture with sarbjit singh is pure classic..

we had this user: Mugermach Singh on sikhawareness before..where da hell is he now??? man soo many pictures of crocs ..he must be very delighted to see them :LOL: :lol:

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Also on a side note, how do you guys deal with tigers?? I mean sharp teeths or claws of tigers must be replaced or broke in half or something??

don't they attack or anything?? What are the safety precautions if they do ??

Also how are you guys trained to communicate with tigers.. sign language or some sort of other training??

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In this zoo tigers are only handled for the first year of their life. When they come close to sexual maturity they can become unpredictable and will try and test you or become territorial or confrontational. The training works on a reward and punishment basis. Claws and teeth are a problem at this age too and you do end up getting scratched and bit from time to time. One technique of stopping an animal from biting is that when it first does that u always have some tabasco sauce on your hand and you put that near their nose or on their lips. This way they know that if they bite they will get something unpleasant coming their way.

The only big cat that can be safely worked with into adulthood is the cheetah. Emperor Akbar had cheetahs that he used for hunting like people use dogs. Actually he was the first person to breed cheetahs in captivity.

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I see you are in NJ. Im sure you can find a way of getting into it there. Just google search it. I kow in America it works a little different and you have to become an apprentice of a falconer I believe to get a license.

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Thats a leopard in my pic on the side. Its under a year old. Its about twice that size now and Id probably get my face ripped off if I tried giving it a juhpee like that again :P

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