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Learning of Vidya three types


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Learning of Vidya three types (sermon to pandit by sahib baba karam singh maharaj hoti mardan)

source: panchmi noor

Learning of Vidya is of three types like snake who possesses mani are of three types.

First snake is the one which only takes out his mani on a stormy night and keeps it in a hole and plays around it's light, but if by chance the mani gets lost the snake goes insane in searching it and ultimately dies.

The next snake take out his mani only on a stormy night and eats insects with the help of mani's light.

The third type is the one who takes out the mani only once a month on puranmaschi day. The moon rays fall on the mani and amrit starts coming out which the snake licks and remain peaceful for the whole month and gets free from his poison.

In the same way vidya is like the mani, who ever recieves it only beleif in preaching but if they lose in debate of another learned pandit, they get very angry and commit sucide.

Pandit hovaie Gian Gavaee (ang- 954)

The second type of learned are those who on recieving mani(knowledge) look for worldy things.

But the third type are the puran mahapursh who on receiving vidya become very humble and preach people. Like a tree which is full of fruits gets so heavy that it just bends down.

Somvar sas amrit jharee..chakhat begh sagal bukh hare.. (Ang- 344)

This Mahapursh recieve divine rays from the moon and become filled with amrit which is full of knowledge. After recieving they become calm and thus help others to gain that knowledge by doing this the education which is gained becomes fruit full. The pandit on hearing on such divine preachin was over-whelmed. After taking permission he started staying in the dera by doing gur-mantar, he became very calm and humble. The pandit also received the blessing of Guru.

Note: Those who don't know what mani is??. Mani is like a diamond that certain breeds of snakes realise from their body naturally because it helps this certain breed of snakes get amrit nectar from moon rays. While moon rays reflect on mani, snake licks the nectar and that way snake get rid of its poison and stay calm and peaceful through out the whole month.

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