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Four types of samadhi


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There are four types of samadhi. Two are called "Sivakalap Samadhi" and other two are called "Nirvakalap Samadhi".

1. Stoping Concentration from Rajo, Tamo concentrations and using it in Gurbani patt or Mool Mantar, Gurmantar is called Shabad Roop Sivakalap Samadhi.

2.By using bhram vichar (discussion on god) controlling chit(mind) is called Ashabad Roop Sivakalap Samadhi.

3. Bring Vairat Upasana (seein god in everything, every being) is called "Nirvakalap Samadhi"

4. Without even trying or attempting..automatically everything, everybeing seems as Nirvakalap(face of god) is last stage is also called "Nirvakalp Samadhi".

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