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Guru Nanak

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'Nanak' means ONE (not many) IK (nahin Anek).

Writer: Balbir singh Khanuja

Every one of us actually wants to know, not only a wordily meaning of the name "Nanak" but also its impact on us.

All letters and words, made of letters, have a sound stamp, meaning and an impact in the universe. The same is with the name "Nanak" too. Everybody, who perceives a sound, conceives it and gives birth to an understanding or a meaning to it. This happens in accordance with the development of his own conscious mind and his earthly existence.

In Sanskrit Dictionary letter "Ka" means Brahma, Vishnu, Kamdev, Mind, Body, Time and highest state of pleasure. Letter "Ka" and almost all words beginning with "Ka" express formation of Universe and to keep it in tact. For example Karta (subject), Karma (action), Kriya (activity) etc. and question denoting words are beginning with Kya (what), Kaun (who), Kyon (why), Kahan (where) or Kaba (when). All these words and the meanings of letter "Ka" show concern with worldly matters. For sake of explaining word Brahma means the universe which is being produced by Brahmaa by the Will of Paarbrahma. Vishnu is the preserver of the universe(Brahma) following Hukum of Parmeshwar.

Prefix "Ana" or pronounced as "An" is to express the opposite when used before that word. For example anta (or Ant) means end and ananta (or Anant), which is combination of ana plus anta, means endless or infinity. Take another example. Meaning of Hata (or Hat) is broken and anhata, combination of ana plus hata, means unbroken or continuous. In the same way Hada (or Had) means boundary and anhada means the boundary less.

Na is to express No in almost all languages of the world. Letter "Na" indicates denying and is renunciative. This is also a highly spiritual sound to develop the conscious mind.

Word "Nanak" pronounced "Naanak" is a combination of Na+Ana+Ka. This means an act of renunciation living with duality of Brahma and Non-Brahma (Lord of which Brahma is a part itself). This duality is wonderful to understand. It is something like when you are with me. You realize my presence. And when you are not with me you realize my absence. In both cases you are connected with me. The same is the situation of Jeeva, when he realizes Brahma as Lord´s absence and realizes Paarbrahma as lord´s presence.

There is a lot to say about it. May God help me to do this service? I love to share His wisdom with all.

Word "Nanak" has a great sound Impact on mind also.

It is not a chance that Nanak got this name. It is His Hukum.

To dress up in the morning you open your wardrobe. There are many shirts. Do you know why you choose a particular one to wear? Is it a chance or His Hukum?

Any meaning of this Name "Nanak" comes up in your mind is perfectly all right. More valuable is remembering this Name, which converts into a ship on thought waves and takes one to the other end provided he does not jump out of this ship himself.

Being attached to this topic brings me in ecstasy, does not matter if I am writing, listening, pondering or speaking on it.

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