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sikh force!!! join up

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Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ke fateh!!!

Opportunity to do Sava, simran and sangat!!!!

I m organizing the first Sikh relief organization and I need people who are serious about joining and helping out! This e-mail will answer the basic, stuff about Sikh force, if you need more information you can contact me (Harpreet Kaur) at thug_jubbie@hotmail.com

WHAT: In a nut shell…this organization is called SIKH FORCE, the point is to raise money all year round, by getting together as a group, and taking trips to third world countries (Calcutta, Africa, Puerto Rico, etc) and spending it all on shelter, food, schools, medical camps, children, marrying peoples daughters of… things like that.. Let’s get out there and make a difference!! I also want this organization to be a place where the sangat... Can do sangat chill out have fun get to know one another and most of all the elderly people because YOO we have some wicked elderly people! And people that are new to Canada lets help them out to, like getting our brothers and sisters into schools, getting their rents a job, get them settled down... because we all know how hard it is to come to a country you know nothing about!..... LETS Help Sikhi prosper… this org can also be used for any other way we can help out the Panth!

WHO: anyone over 18, I was seniors as well as much of the Panth involved as possible

WHY: as a Panth we have a lot of money and power, which isn’t being used. If we can pull this of, we can change a lot out there for the less fortunate…. We will be able to help out everyone, isn’t that why we were created?? Akal prukhs fauj well lets get to work!

WHEN: I want people to start spreading the word and joining, I m looking for a apartment or basement around north York and Rexdale area so it can be used for meetings, keratins, movie nights with the youth and seniors (bonding time , a kind of head quarters for Sikhs

HOW: well we are going to raise money through charity work i.e. Car washes, bake sales, sponsors etc. also we have to set up Dasvaand boxes at all the gudwaras so people can leave a weekly dasvaand and know its going to a good cause!

WHERE: once we get a place, it’s going to be like our headquarters, Sikhs can call us about anything! And we are there to help them.

LATER ON: we will get t-shirts (WICKED uniforms), a logo and website are in the making… right now I just need to see the people that are interested, because I need help getting started...


Any other questions, ideas, suggestions, advice, logo ideas, links, connections, hook ups let me know… and pass this e-mail on man!! To as many people possible you don’t have to be a amritdhari to join jus good at heart!

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ke fateh!!

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