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Third Eye Opening Experience......

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09-Apr-2004, summerbreezer

Okay, this might help some of you open your third eye, and I know it works cuz I just opened mine yesturday. Those of you interested in it, you may want to try to Remote View (if you don't know what that is just type in "remote viewing" on a search engine and u will learn more about it)...anyways I tried for months to relax myself, meditate, whatever to open my third eye to remote view. (By the way, it is not dangerouse, the bible makes many refrences to seeing through the third eye) Well, everyone is differant and I was making no progress and I pretty much gave up...until yesturday. I was taking a nap and only about 15 minutes into it I was awakened by my cat. Since I was very close to sleep and very relaxed at this point I decided to try and remote view. I focused my attention to my brows & BAM! it was instant. All of a sudden it was like I was in a dark theater and images where changing across the screen, kind of like watching a slide show. I could feel this immense energy runing from everywhere in my body going straight to my third eye (just a little off center from between my brows) I could actually feel the energy swirling in the center of my third eye (that I knew exactley where it was and the size of it) I could also feel the energy being transmitted out of the third eye, and when it was received. It was amazing, and trust me, when u do open your third eye u will definatley KNOW it, you will never experience anything like it. (I would say its probley close to being electrocuted (minus the pain) you can just feel this unreal energy and vibration running all through your body to this one point. My advice is to go to sleep as ushual, set your alarm to a point where you know u will be sleeping (and have your alarm right next to u so u can shut it off, without getting out of bed) that way u are still very relaxed. Then imagine you are in a dark movie theater...the images should come right away...then start asking questions (and you may not want to ask certain questions) when I asked what my name was, I was expecting to see my name across the screen, instead I UNVOLENTARILY said my name outload! That was kind of freaky! Well good luck to you all, just keep practiceing.

P.S. You will know u are on the right track when you can actually feel your thrid eye..it could feel like a tiny pressure between the brows, or you can actaully feel it pulsating.

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