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Recognize The Divinity In All Things !

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Positive Affirmation Quote: I Recognize The Divinity In All Things

By embracing a positive attitude to see the beauty in all things it helps create compassion. Consider for a moment that everything you see is but a thoughtform in the eye of the Divine. This is a basic principle of theological metaphysics. Some metaphysical traditions call this "Divine Substance", that which is the basic building block of all material things. Everything around us is an expression of Divinity. Divinity as Nature and the Divinity in Humankind.

This is not an excuse to get angry at God. Consider that anything which is "other than Divinity" is simply an error in perception, and look for the perfection. We can choose to get closer to our Source in this way, as we seek to commune with it in everything we do.

You can move through your life calling on this perspective and no one in your environment need know. If we consider that every atom is based on Divine Substance, then the coffee mug on your desk is an expression of Divinity. You can drink from it, knowing your connection. You can look at your computer monitor in this way, your car, anything you want.

For obvious reasons, this can be quite a shift in consciousness. Life tends to run a bit smoother, people are more loving, machinery doesn't break down as much. There can be quite a few benefits.

Have fun with this positive motivational quote and play with it throughout your day. You may find that your positive attitude rubs off, and another might shine some compassion your way when you encounter one of life's challenges.

source: circleoflight.com

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