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Northern Lights/ Lembher/ FOAK


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Northern Lights album should be out this week watch out for the track "Wrong Number"

FOAK aka Saqi Roadshow with there album out 22nd ive heard this is the official date, which is a long time, i hate it when they just keep you waiting, lol

Tigerstyle, dunno when dey gonna release there one

Urbanflavas 3 is out, let us know what u think of it

Dr. Zeus -Original Edit is out this week, a UK release of the album

and urrr...www.pmcrecords.com........is up and running, too slow if you ask me

Jassi Sidhu, his release "no strings attached " is out in october

at the moment things are very boring

alot to wait for

anything your heard, thats new etc, let me know

the music section has been dry for ages, has the sangat gone down or something?


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