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Kaljug Jahaaj Arjun Guru

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

sat roop sat naam sat santokh Dhari-o ur.

aad purakh partakh likh-ya-o achhar mastak Dhur.

pargat jot jagmagai tayj bhoo-a mandal chhaa-ya-o.

paaras paras paras paras gur guroo kahaa-ya-o.

bhan mathuraa moorat sadaa thir laa-ay chit sanmukh rahhu.

kaljug jahaaj arjun guroo sagal sarisat lag bitrahu. ||2||

He is the Embodiment of Truth; He has enshrined the True Name, Sat

Naam, Truth and contentment within His heart.

From the very beginning, the Primal Being has written this destiny upon

His forehead.

His Divine Light shines forth, dazzling and radiant; His Glorious

Grandeur pervades the realms of the world.

Meeting the Guru, touching the Philosopher's Stone, He was acclaimed as


So speaks Mat'huraa: I constantly focus my consciousness on Him; as

sunmukh, I look to Him.

In this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, Guru Arjun is the Boat; attached to him,

the entire universe is safely carried across. ||2||

Dhan Guru Arjan Sahib Ji Maharaj

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