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God - The All Pervading!

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God, the All-pervading

Even as we see our own image in a mirror, so we can also see within ourselves, for

God is present within us, as a moon is reflected in water.

As cows give milk, so fats are contained within it as milk.

God exists within us like fragrance is a flower, or juice in a fruit.

As fire is seen in burning wood, and as water exists inside the earth,

So God is present in everyone one, but only the spiritually gifted realise His presence (1). (9(var). (6(Pauri)

1. The devotee not only knows God to be residing within him, but also can make another realise the presence of the Lord within his own self.

God is Infinite

By His own command (Word), God manifested Himself in millions of forms.

Fusing the five elements of air, water, fire, earth and sky together. He began the drama of the universe.

He created the innumerable living creatures who inhabit the waters, lands, trees and mountains.

God is one, and He is capable of creating millions of worlds in the twinkling of an eye

No one can estimate the immensity of Nature. (1)

Who can then know the greatness of its Creator?

God is limitless and Infinite. 18.1

God manifested in the creation

When God created the universe, there was no concept of time or season.

Since He Himself is Formless, He cannot be known.

He manifested Himself in His creation, and became known to us as the Creator. (1)

God is the Cause of All Causes: I bow to that One, who was in the past, who is, and always shall be.

For He who has no beginning and no end, He being Infinite, is beyond computation.

Having created the world, He pervades in all things within it. 18.7

1. Having created human beings, He gave them a means of salvation, through an understanding of His “Nameâ€. The “Name†represents God as the Holy Spirit, and so is able to lead us to Him.

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