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Chill Out Singh.

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Chill out Singh, Don't worry about a thing,

Because Waheguru's in control of EVERYTHING,

Just keep Guru's rehani and behani,

And stay in Great Guru's Charani.

Be happy and cheerful of who you are,

Accept Vaheguru's will, wherever you are,

Good or evil, happy or sad,

It's all Vaheguru's play, just be Glad.

Accept it with joy,

That's what our Guru's did,

They didn't cry, or be in sorrow,

They were high, with an amazing glow.

Chill out Singh, accept Vaheguru's will,

You have no power to ask or give,

Just remember; what you reap you sow,

And no one is high and no one is low.

The Guru isn't easy to find,

The true helper of all humankind,

Stay with your Guru, the giver of death,

He will protect and save you, till your last breath.

The Guru will help you here and beyond,

the Unseen realms and Wonderland,

The Guru and Sangat will help you across,

Don't lose faith and get lost.

Whatever came; will go,

Only Vaheguru's your true supporter, in any sorrow.

Just remember Vaheguru with every breath,

Because who know's when, it is the time of death.

by: satwinder singh

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